TV LIST: Fall 2016-2017 | New and Returning Shows

WOW. Another year is almost over. Christmas decorations are starting to appear in the store and even though it has taken me a long time, today I finally bring you my TV List of new & returning shows.
As always, this is a filtered list. With my suggestions for you of the shows to watch. That I will watch. At least the pilots.
Here we go…

TV Talk Uptade small-04

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TV LIST: Fall 2015-2016 / Returning and New Shows

Oh my God! Guess who didn’t push the ‘publish’ button months ago?
I wrote the mayority of this post in late July and I just realized I never posted it. But I will post it now.

The time to sit and carefully choose what shows I will continue watching, which of the new shows I will give a chance and go crazy thinking I won’t have time to work, work, blog, read, watch tv and have a live, and work. Yeah, I work a lot.

TV Talk Uptade small-04

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UPDATE: Currently Watching + Reviews

Watching TV is one of my favorite things to do. And ever since I moved to Mexico, not knowing anybody, talking like a crazy lady about TV shows has reduced to chatting on my phone with best friend, and other friends sometimes. Which is not as fun.

For that and other reasons, one of my dreams for 2014 was to start my YouTube Channel. Which I did. The idea was to use the channel as a way to share my love for TV and discuss my favorite things about the shows out loud instead of only over the phone with my friends back home. Unfortunately life got in the way and I had to stop making videos. My channel is still live, and I will make more videos. I just don’t know when or how often I will be able to upload.

What I will do, is post over here every now and then updates on my TV Show list. Adding or removing shows. Telling you guys what I’m liking or disliking, asking you guys questions. Allowing my blog to be a window for us bloggers and blog readers to chat and discuss our favorite TV Shows. Maybe even finding shows we didn’t know existed! And if we make new friends in the process, even better.

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TV Talk on YouTube

Over a year ago this very shy girl named Jessica wanted to start her very own YouTube channel. Nonetheless, the fear and doubts got the best of her and she started a Nail Art blog instead.

My blog hasn’t grown too much since I started it, granted. But that doesn’t mean that my confidence hasn’t improved. Sure the nerves, fears and doubts are still there, but I figured it was about time to jump off the cliff, and take my chances on something I’ve been wanting to do for a really long time.JessiiBrownie on YouTube

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