Bee Fashion

Inspiration comes from many places. This time, from television. I am a huge fan of Project Runway in all shapes and forms. Last week was the finale-part 1 and one of my favorite designers of the season Tieler James created a collection that inspired today’s mani.
La inspiración viene de cualquier lugar. Esta vez, de la tele. Soy fan de todos los programas de Project Runway. La semana pasada uno de mis diseñadores favoritos de la temporada, Tieler James creó su colleción y esta inspiro mi mani de hoy.

Bee Fashion | Jessi Brownie

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My Halloween Costume 2015 + Nails

Happy Friday! How was your week?
For months I’ve been determined to be Lara Jean Song for Halloween. And I did!
If you don’t know who she is or where she’s from check my birthday post here.

Feliz Vierneees!! Que tal les fue esta semana?
Saben, por meses he querido disfrazarme de Lara Jean para Halloween. Y lo logré!
Si no saben quien es Lara Jean chequen mi post de cumpleaños aqui.

My Halloween Outfit and Nails 2015

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Lara Jean inspired outfit (To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before)

It’s been a while since I’ve done an outfit. And this outfit idea has been on my mind for days!
In case you missed it I did “To All the boys I’ve loved before” inspired nails for my birthday almost a couple of weeks ago. (wow, I’ve been 24 for two weeks!).
If you don’t know what “TATBILB” is you are missing out! Check the book here.
Today I wanted to do an outfit inspired by Lara Jean Song.
Lara Jean Song


Crop Top Fever

As you may or may not know. Every now and then I feel the need to express myself through clothes. I don’t have the stores near by and more importantly the money to buy them so I head over to and create a set to releace the fashion creativeness that’s going on inside me. Today I was thinking of crop tops. Love the trend, would never wear it. To shy.

Crop Top Fever

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May the 4th 2014

Hello everyone! This IS the blog you were looking for.

As you may now know this blog is mostly Nail Art. But every now and then I get this need to create a dream outfit on Polyvore. Today’s dream outfit is a geek-chic Star Wars outfit.

We all know Luke is the hero, Darth Vader the villain and people love them. But my favorite character is R2D2. I freaking love the little droid that makes everyone happy and somehow never gets killed (thank you George Lucas for that).

This look is partially inspired in him. I think is a he…mmm…oh well…

May the 4th. 2014