TV LIST: Fall 2016-2017 | New and Returning Shows

WOW. Another year is almost over. Christmas decorations are starting to appear in the store and even though it has taken me a long time, today I finally bring you my TV List of new & returning shows.
As always, this is a filtered list. With my suggestions for you of the shows to watch. That I will watch. At least the pilots.
Here we go…

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My youtube channel hasn’t had any new post in almost a year, and for that I apologize, but I will try really hard to fix that in 2017. HERE is my channel if you want to check it out and subscribe.

I will work them out by premiere date.. start with the shows that are still running that I will continue to watch. Followed by the ones that are new this year and seem interesting enough to give them a chance.


American Horror Story. FX. September 14
Last season story line was a bit of a bleh for me. But I keep coming back for creepy, scary stuff. I never know if I will watch the whole season (it might get boring) but I’ll give it a shot.

Project Runway. Lifetime. September 15
Season 15 on the 15th. Love, love, love Project Runway. Keep coming back for more every time. This season we have a Venezuelan guy (holla!) as you know I’m from Venezuela too. Can’t tell if I like him or not yet but can’t wait to see what he can do.

The Big Bang Theory. CBS. September 19
One of my favorite comedies but I kind of want it to end soon. I feel like they are stretching it too far. They best go with a bang, don’t you think?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ABC. September 20
Still sad about Lincoln dying. But hoping for a good season. I’m not a fan of Ghost Rider, but Marvel and ABC are a good team.

Scream Queens. FOX. September 20
I don’t even know why I’m giving this show a second chance because I didn’t like the first season much. But, let’s watch the first episode and see what happens.

Modern Family. ABC. September 21
Slowly became my favorite comedy ever. Can’t wait what crazy stuff happens this season.

Grey’s Anatomy. ABC. September 22
Many people stopped watching this show last season, but I have other characters that I like so I kept on watching. Good thing. Even though in my mind Mer and Der are together raising their kids. And this next season, which I do hope is the last, will be the season to tie up lose ends and wrap everything up.

How to get away with Murder. ABC. September 22.
Last season was pretty cool. Can’t wait what psycho-crazy stuff happens this season.

Once Upon A Time. ABC. September 25
My Oh My… This show… Love it! Kind of bummed that Regina is evil again but.. well.. We’ll see.

Quantico. ABC. September 25
One of the best new shows of last year’s line up. If you have not seen season 1. Do it, now.

Elementary. CBS. October 2
Last season ended in a cool twist. But truth be told is not as exciting to watch this show anymore, hopefully this season will pick up the pace a bit.

The Flash. CW. October 4
Oh Barry… He loves messing with that time line, doesn’t he? How long will that last before they go back to “normal”? How will that affect the other shows? Laurel? Captain Cold?… Will we have two time lines happening at the same time? As much as I love time travel, this show is testing my limits. At least Cisco is still AWESOME!

Arrow. CW. October 5
Last season this show had a good episode, a boring episode and then a good one again and so on. I kept watching because I’m a tough cookie to crack. Hopefully this season will be better.

Supergirl. CW. October 10
Not a fan of Superman. LOVED Supergirl…Although, Tyler is coming as Superman so.. maybe I’ll like him now. Have to say I’m a little worried about the change of network and reduction of budget but.. I’m still excited about this new season.

Legends of tomorrow. CW. October 13
Truth be told. Season 1 was booooriiing! Sarah & Captain Cold were the only reasons I kept watching. Now. The possible crossover between all the CW shows is happening soon. So I will continue “watching” this show until then, unless it gets too boring. Then I will only watch the crossover episode.

Jane the virgin. CW. October 17
Absolutely LOVE this show. Yes, it is very soup operary dramatic and kind of cheesy and sometimes predictable, but it is still amazingly hilarious!
Team Rafael by the way.

 The Librarians. TNT. November 20
This is one of those shows that is super underrated. I really, really enjoy watching this show. Hope it doesn’t get cancelled soon. If you haven’t seen the show, or the movies that preceded it, you should go and watch them all now! It won’t take long since the seasons are short.

Gilmore Girls: A year in the life. Netflix. November 25
My favorite show EVER is back. It is back! Thank you Netflix. After almost a decade since that dreadful day when Gilmore Girls ended in the CW. It is now back, well almost. There are no words to express how happy I am. Just get me some coffee and tons of junk food. Let’s binge watch the series and wait for November to come around.

Mozart in the Jungle. Amazon. December 9
You may not know that I really like classical music. I don’t think this show is amazing but it has a lot of good things going and has improved season after season.

Switched at birth. Freeform. January 24
This will be the last season of this amazing show. Want it to start already but I don’t want it to end.

Other of my returning shows with no premiere date yet are:

Teen Wolf. MTV. November
Last season of this show. *sad face*

Masterchef Junior. Fox. November

The 100. CW
Still missing Finn (darn you Thomas for leaving). But this show. WOW. One of my favorites by far. This teaser from ComicCon gave me chills. Can’t wait for season 4

This will be the last season of this show. It is time I guess. But I will miss it.


Since one of the main characters of this show left it. I’m not sure I will continue to watch it.

They gave us a special… But I fear the new series won’t come until December of 2017.

As far as the new series go… Here are the ones I will watch. At least the pilot episode. Some I’m really intrigued about.


The Good Place. NBC. September 19
Why? Kristen Bell

This is us. NBC. September 20
Why? Milo Ventimiglia

Falling Water. USA. September 21
Why? Seems pretty cool. Reminds me a little of Nightmare on Elm Street.

Speechless. ABC. September 21
Why? Seems like fun, but, might be a little too crude for my taste.

Lethal Weapon. FOX. September 21
Why? I’m not sure. But I’ll watch the pilot

Pitch. FOX. September 21
Why? Girl Power!

Luke Cage. Netflix. September 30
Why? Because.. Marvel!

Conviction. ABC. October 3
Why? Hayley Atwell

Timeless. NBC. October 3
Why? Time travel. And the story seems cool

Frequency. CW. October 5
Why? Time travel. The girl from Tomorrow people & the flash.

American Housewife. ABC. October 11
Why? A little over the top but funny. At least I hope it will be.

Project Runway: Fashion Start Up. Lifetime. October 20
Why? I watch or try to watch anything Project Runway related.

The living and the Dead. BBC. October 27
Why? I love Period dramas

Good girls revolt. Amazon. October 20
Why? Some of the actors. Girl power?

Emerald City. NBC. January 6
Why? Land of Oz!

The Mick. FOX

Making History. FOX
Why? Time travel. Funny.

Time after time. ABC
Why? Time travel. Funny. British guys!

Still Star-Crossed. ABC
Why? Period drama. Shakespeare. Torrance Coombs.

A Series of Unfortunate Events. Netflix
Why? Creepy. Weird. Cool.

A lot of time travel this season. Some shows seem pretty cools. We’ll see in January when I do the cuts and make the list of the shows to watch for sure in 2017. Here is a little calendar for you.


Do you have a TV addiction problem? I don’t want to be the only one.
Let me know in the comments bellow… Please.

Love and Smiles, Jessi

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