TV LIST: Fall 2015-2016 / Returning and New Shows

Oh my God! Guess who didn’t push the ‘publish’ button months ago?
I wrote the mayority of this post in late July and I just realized I never posted it. But I will post it now.

The time to sit and carefully choose what shows I will continue watching, which of the new shows I will give a chance and go crazy thinking I won’t have time to work, work, blog, read, watch tv and have a live, and work. Yeah, I work a lot.

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Last year I also started a  YouTube Channel, but because of the jobs I have to have, being a YouTuber is something that will have to wait. You can check the channel and subscribe. I will try to upload now and then.

I will start with the shows that are still running that I will continue to watch. Followed by the ones that are new this year that I will at least watch the pilot of. For the Let’s get started!



ONCE UPON A TIME. ABC. September 27
With Emma now the Dark One I fear for the direction the show might take. Yes, they needed a change. I agree, but hopefully the changes they will make will make the show better and more interesting. I really like OUAT.
PS.: My Captain Swan and Robina ships are still sailing. YAY!

O. M. to the G.! WHAT A SEASON!
If you don’t watch Game of Thrones you are missing out! This past season (ended a few weeks ago) was EPIC! And now I can not wait for next April. What will happen to John, and Arya? Will Sansa survive? Will Bran come back? I am Team Stark by the way. What will Cersei do? And Dannerys? So many questions and situations! And I can’t even read the books to find out, because there are no new books!
Do you think the books will take a different direction than the show? I don’t read the books, but I know people who do.

DOWNTON ABBEY. iTV One. September 2015
Sadly, this season will be the last one. According to rumors at least. I started watching from Season 1 and with its ups and downs this is one of the best shows I have seen. It started with the sinking of the Titanic and I think this season we are getting closer to WWII. Fashions, rules, politics and people are changing. Can’t wait for the new season to begin.
No date has been released yet but it usually beings in the first two weeks of September.

SHERLOCK. BBC. December 2015
One of the best shows ever? YES! This show needs more episodes for me to have enough of the show. Or maybe not even. If you want to watch a great show with not that many episodes, this is the one! Its seasons only have three episodes. And there is a new season every two years. Sounds crazy and wrong. But it works. There will be a new special episode this December. And season 4 will air early in 2016. CAN NOT WAIT!

Comedy. Musical. Fairytale. Yes Please!
For those of you who are not into musicals stay away. For the rest of us this was crazy fun. I thought it was a one time only mini-series but apparently it did good enough on the raitings that it will return next year. Probably to fill for OUAT during the winter break.


I don’t even know why I started watching this show but I am glad I did. It is creepy and the characters are evolving. And the jokes. This show is a little wacky giving crazy supernatural twists to politics and american history. But the craziness of it all is one of the things I love about it. And the jokes and the super sexy, long haired gentleman from the 1800’s.

Marvel fan here. But I wanted to give the show chance. Early Gotham years. Teen Bruce Wayne and younger versions of future villains. Sounds fun.
I don’t love it but I am not completely bored yet. I just don’t know how much longer I will watch.

I wasn’t excited about this show but I am glad I watched it. It is so sweet and cute, funny and interesting. A little annoying sometimes with the “Telenovela Style” voice over, but not enough to make me stop watching.
Also I like that the characters are Venezuelans like me. Well at least the grandma. And they eat arepas, which is such a Venezuelan thing to eat (even though I’m not the biggest fan of arepas).


I want to keep loving this show so bad, but the writers keep doing crazy things and never closing the circles and go after another story-line and it is driving me crazy.
The show will end in a couple of years and it seems that at the end of this season we will put and end to the whole A thing. It was great to the point where everybody was in on it. The A Team has no life. And for some reason they are obsessed with the four girls.
Great characters. Great villains (most of the time). Awesome OTPs (most of the time)
Spencer and Aria are my favorites. I love them and relate to them in a lot of ways. Plus their styles are my favorite out of all the characters.

Let’s get my OTP out of the way first. Bemmett. Love them. Need them together.
This show is great and I have always wanted to learn sign language. The story is great. Not just the main characters but all of the subjects they tap on. Showing the audience real everyday problems and situations that people might go through, with the occasional crazy, not so real situations but still staying great. A bit stereotypy sometimes though.

I only started watching last season. And I watch because of the covers of the songs. I feel bad for not having much to say about the show. The current season is the last season.
Glee’s OTP: Klaine

Marvel girl since age don’t even remember. This show scared me at first. I was afraid to expect a lot from the show and be disappointed afterwards.  So far so amazing! I love this show. And I love the way Marvel is connecting everything together. Go Marvel Universe.
Just hope they don’t get carried away and ruin things for the fans in the long run.

AMAZING. Sorry I needed to say it like that. After the SHIELD there was no way expectations would be low for Agent Carter. But ABC and Marvel delivered. Can’t wait for next year to discover new secrets, see more of Peggy, Jarvis and Tristan (aka Chad Michael Murray). He will always be Tristan for me. That’s from Gilmore Girls just in case you were wondering.

Oh Mr. Elastic Man. You are so good looking. The Sherlockian way of being of this man bothers me. Because I am such a huge Sherlock fan. But I do understand why he is that way. I little confusing at first this show is looking good for me. Good stories, good character’s personalities.

The voice over at the begging of this show is so long. All the time. But the show is quite nice. I have huge comic book fans friends who fill the blanks. And for now the story is moving at a good pace. Hopefully it will last a good four to five seasons.

Just like 2 Broke Girls, New Girls is just not the same for me. I don’t know what’s happening with this show. It was adorkable, funny and clever. Now is getting duller and duller every passing episode. I hope is just temporary, I don’t want to stop watching.

I was disappointed when I found out it was cancelled. Maybe the storyline was too slow.
Did you watch this show? What did you think of it?

Another one that got cancelled, though this was no surprise. I had great hopes because I like the actors but it wasn’t good enough.


Maggie Q was the reason I started watching (loved her on Nikita). Now I keep watching because it’s really good. Hopefully Michelle’s stalker will get caught by the end of the season, putting an end to that story before it gets boring.
FYI, sometimes I get scared and keep the lights on while I watch or I watch a cartoon or two after the episode. Of course I also check all my locks, doors and windows. Just in case.

Superman and Batman never interested me growing up. But Arrow did. Reminded me of Robin Hood. This CW show, together with Reign got me back to watching CW. Over the years I watched less and less of this channel. Now I watch more and more, and can’t get enough.
This show like all others has had it’s ups and downs, but this season has been amazing. I hope the writers don’t go to crazy and confusing with the storyline.
Fave OTP: Olicity. They are killing me!

One of my favorite comedies. I don’t even know how to explain it. The reality show style of comedy is a bit strange but it works for them. All characters are amazing and have been growing and developing over the years. The only thing that is driving me crazy is that the show’s intro is still not showing the new, older toddler Joe.

Love. Love. Love. I think this show started as a Summer comedy but has now been moved to the Fall. Because it is amazing. I love everything about it. My favorite characters: Danny, Tucker, Baby Emma, Riley. Riley’s personal life drives me insane but I absolutely adore her style. I want all of her clothes, shows and accessories. Now!
Fave OTP: Danley. Although sometimes I don’t think she deserves him.

Cute comedy. I think it’s coming back for season two this Summer. Needs a bit more depth for the characters but it is cute and funny. And I quite liked it.

I loved this show from day one. Four amazing women. Hilarious. It has Betty White.
I will miss this show. It is currently on it’s sixth and last season.

For a coward I like a ton of creepy shows and movies. A lot of times I close my eyes for minutes at a time, and yet I still come back and watch some more. This cool mini-series has the same actors but different stories to tell. Which is something I love about it. The season that ended recently was about Freak Shows. Not my favorite season but will wait for the next one. AHS: Hotel. And Lady Gaga will be staring.

The 100. CW
Prom introduced me to sexy Thomas McDonnell. And when I saw that he was one of the main characters of this futuristic, dystopian, postapocalyptic  show I new it was a must watch. I will not give any spoilers for anybody, but something happened on the show that made me mad and I am taking a break from it. I will go back to it and catch up on all episodes at some point, but for now I just mention it because it is seriously amazing and you guys should watch it if you aren’t already.
Fave OTP: Flarke.


Love the comedy factor, the characters and their storylines more than the show and the murders and all that. A good show. Tons of eye candy. It’s currently airing season 10.

One of my favorite comedies. Lately, since the characters are growing up so much, some of the fun factor is missing. Some episodes are funnier than others. As a nerd and a geek, I will keep watching religiously no matter what.

I started watching because my best friend told me so. Thank you nena. I love this show. That Shonda Rhimes knows how to make you love a show, love characters, destroy them, and make you cry. For days!
Does anyone miss Cristina as much as I do?
Fave OTPs: Owina, MerDer, Jolex.

Another Shondaland show. That alones means that I was going to watch at least the pilot episode. Then, I find that Viola Davis is staring. Must-watch. Then watching the pilot I see no other than Dean Thomas himself and OMG I love the show. (in case you didn’t know I am talking about Alfred Enoch who played Dean Thomas in all the Harry Potter movies).
The show keeps you thinking. Making you not trust anyone. It’s great.

I said it earlier, I love me some Period series or movies. The show is a little creepy sometimes, which I love. There are tons of eye candy. And the outfits, the accessories. The story and the characters. I really like this show. I could say I love it, but then Kash happened.
Fave OTP: Mash.

My uncle told me to watch this show because I love mysteries and Sherlock and TV Shows and this had it all together. I enjoyed season one a lot. The others have been alright. Sometimes I feel that because I now watch BBC’s Sherlock, Elementary has lost something for me. I don’t mind a female Watson. I love Lucy as Jane Watson and I love her closet.

Gilmore Girl’s Max Medina (or whatever his real name is) stars on this show so I had to watch. Even though I don’t really like politics, and after the Madam Secretary fiasco I was worried about this show. Luckily, so far so good. I like the story, the characters, the drama. The only concern I have is that this is a NBC show and they have the tendency of cancelling really good shows for poor reasons.

I am not much of a Reality TV gal. But this show, well, is Project Runway. I have loved it for years. Love to love some people, love to hate some others. Love how impressive and creative they all are and I love it when my favorites make it far in the competition. Some of my favorites have even won sometimes.
Just so you know how much I love it. I watch all the Project Runway shows. The regular Project Runway season, P.R. All Stars, P.R. Under the Gunn (is there a new season coming?) and P.R. Threads.
I love that Ingrid Nilsen, previously known as Miss Glamorazzi, is one of the judges on Threads, but there is something about this show that is just not there for me. I will try to watch it next season.


The other reality show that I can’t stop watching is this. With the social media voting system they started a couple of seasons ago I was seriously considering not watching the snow anymore. I don’t mind that there are men as well as women, but the social media votes making people go or stay when the shouldn’t makes me mad. Plus, I miss Mr. Jay and Nigel.

Haven. SyFy
This is one of my favorite shows. Is a short season show on SyFy and is is crazy and crazy good. It takes a bit for you to adjust to the cience fiction  element if you’re not used to it, but it is worth it. Unfortunately, it is rumored that this season will be the last season, which sucks because I love this show. This takes me to my next point.
Fave OTP: Daudrey.
The show might end without it, but I will go down with that ship.

GIRL MEETS WORLD. Disney Channel
It’s not a mistake. This is a Disney Show and I love it. Again my best friend introduced me to this one. She was a huge fan of Boy Meets World and when this spin off was announced she was over the moon excited. I started watching because of her. I keep watching because I love it. The teenage girls with crazy heels are not my favorite thing, but I do love Farkle, Lucas, the show’s dynamic, the “flash-backs” from Boy Meets World and the theme song.
“…I feel alright I’m gonna take on the world…”

As a little girl I remember watching anime (Japanese cartoons). By far my favorite will always be Sailor Moon. I even have the theme song on my phone and use it as a ringtone. Last year a reboot of the show started airing online. And it air simultaneously in a lot of countries when it airs in Japan.
The show is about five guardians from the Moon who must protect the silver crystal and the princess, wherever they might be.
Fave OTP: Serena and Dairen or as they are called in Japanese Usagi and Mamoro.

I really hope I am not leaving any show out. Yes, I know, I watch way too many TV Shows. But this is a list of all the shows that air during the whole year, and not all of them air at the same time.
Sometimes I think I should watch less TV Shows and then a new one comes along and I say “oh well, it might suck, I’m just watching the pilot”. I have a problem.

Do you have a TV addiction problem? I don’t want to be the only one. Let me know in the comments bellow. Please.

Love and Smiles, Jessi

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