Mini Haul Part 2 – Nails Inc Pro Swatches

Welcome back! I was waiting so post on Friday but December starts tomorrow. Christmas nails are coming! Which means today I bring you Part II of my mini haul: Nails Inc Pro Swatches.
To check Part I click here.
Bienvenidos! Esperaba postear esto el viernes pero luego me di cuenta que el viernes ya estariamos en Diciembre. Uñas de Navidad!! Así que hoy les traigo la segunda parte de mi mini haul: Swatches de Nails Inc Pro.
Para ver la Primera Parte has clic

Mini Haul Part 2 - Nails Inc Pro Swatches | Jessi Brownie

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Morgan Taylor Mini Haul Swatches

In Mexico there is no Black Friday, but there is “The Good Weekend” kind of  like a Black Friday knockoff.. emphasis in knockoff, but alas… There are some sales that are worth a look.
I bought mostly nail polish. A couple new brands to try. Here is Part I: Morgan Taylor Swatches.
En Mexico tenemos el “Buen Fin”, nada que ver con el Black Friday de los Estados Unidos pero al menos algunas de las ofertas valen la pena. Compre casi puros esmaltes, de unas marcas que me moría por probar. Hoy les traigo la Parte I de mi Haul. Swatches de Morgan Taylor.

Morgan Taylor Mini Haul - Jessi Brownie Blog

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Milani Nail Polish Swatches

Hello guys! Hope you had a great weekend.
Today on the blog I am showing you (finally) swatches of my new Milani Cosmetics “Color Statement” nail polishes. This is not a specific collection, or anything, I just finally bit the bullet and got myself some shades. Even though I’m a big fan of Milani make up, blushes and bronzers if you are wondering, nail polish was just a card swipe away.

Hola Chicas! Espero hayan tenido un lindo fin de semana.
Hoy en el blog les traigo por fin los swatches de los esmaltes Milani “Color Statement” que compré hace poco. Milani es una marca que uso desde hace un par de años en rubores y bronzers así que al saber que tenian esmaltes, tenía que probarlos.

Milani Swatches | Jessi Brownie Blog

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OPI Swatches – My latest shades

If you follow me on Instagram (if not, go do it now) you might know that recently I got a few OPI shades. And now, finally, it is time try them out and swatch them.
Si me siguen en Instagram (si no lo hacen, haganlo aqui) saben que recientemente obtuve algunos esmaltes de la marca OPI. Ahora, por fin, es hora de probarlas y hacer swatches.

OPI Swatches | Jessi Brownie Blog

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Kuru Esmaltes Swatches

It happened! I got my very first indie nail polishes!
For those of you who don’t know, I am from Venezuela but I live in Mexico, and is hard for me to buy indie polishes (plus the shipping cost are a bit high) but Kuru is a Mexican brand of 4-free polishes (no Toluene, Formaldehyde, Phthalate or Camphor) and they had a sale, and free shipping and took the plunge.

Today I bring you the swatches of my new babies. Hope you like them!

Kuru Esmaltes Swatches by Jessi Brownie Blog

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Revlon Gel Envy Swatches + Review

Living in the South of Mexico makes it difficult for me to get my hand on new collections, not only for polishes but for  everything else as well. Despite that, I really had my mind set on doing some swatches, and I chose Revlon Gel Envy because they are fairly new to my collection and they haven’t been out in the market for that long. Without further ado, here are my swatches and review of the three Revlon Gel Envy Polishes I own.

Revlon Gel Envy Swatches | Jessi Brownie Blog

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