Galaxy and triangles Nail Art

Time to play with nail stripping tape again!
This time I wanted to do triangles for the first time. A little piece of advice when you work with nail tape do one nail at a time and remove the nail tape fast to keep the nail polish from drying to much and start to peel off when I remove the tape.

For today’s post I’m working with my favorite color palette: White, Fuchsia, Mint and..of course PURPLE!Triangle nails1

Like I said for this mani I wanted to play with nail stripping tape and take on a personal challenge: Triangles.
It took a while to decide how I wanted to do it and then picking the colors was a nightmare but I have to say…I’m quite pleased with the result and will totally try something like this again another time.

On to Nail Talk!
I started off with two thick coats of white far all my nails and picked three colors for the design.
In case you missed it… the triangle points are up and down and so on, never repeating two points or bottoms.
For my ring finger I lined as many triangles as I could and did a “galaxy gradient” (sort of). On my middle finger I lined three triangles on a straight line, one for each color.
Then on my pinky, index and thumb I did only one triangle and used a different color for each one.

My triangles are not perfect but “it’s better done than perfect” Right? Right!triangle nails2

Polishes used:
Sinful Colors “Snow me white”, LA Colors Color Craze “Meadow”, Essie “Sittin’ Pretty” and Valmy “Atrevida”.

I have been falling back in love with my oldies. My Cosmeticos Valmy polishes I brought with me from Venezuela when I moved. This is a fairly affordable brand and the best Venezuelan nail polish brand in my opinion. If you ever see one of these polishes you should definitely give them a shot.triangle nails4 triangle nails5 Triangle nails6 Triangle nails7 triangle nails3Thank you guys reading me today. Let me know what you thing of this triangles in the comment section bellow.

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Love and Smiles, Jessi

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