Bling the Purple!

How long do you take before trying out new polishes?
I try to break the polishes (sort of speak) soon after I buy them. Recently I was given a bunch of OPI shades. I wanted to swatch them for you guys but haven’t had the time. I will soon. I promise.
For now I will show you a couple of my new babies in a sparkly purple mani!

Bling the purple | Jessi Brownie Blog

Purple is my favorite color. And pretty much everybody that I know, knows that or guesses it. The down side of having people know how much you love purple is that everything they buy you ends up purple. And you are like, “you  know I like other colors two right?“. Does that ever happen to you?
I find it hilarious and sweet but I don’t want to end up in one of those reality shows with purple everything, everywhere.

Anyway. A couple of the new OPI shades I was given are purple, and I wanted to try them out. So I did a couple of gradients (pinky and middle) and I did an accent nail with  the metallic purple glitter (index). For my middle finger I went with a Revlon dark glitter for my ring finger and painted my thumb with the other new OPI shade.

 Polishes Used:
Revlon Gel Envy “Showtime”. OPI “Do you lilac it?”, “Lost my bikini in Molokini”.

Bling the purple | Jessi Brownie BlogBling the purple | Jessi Brownie Blog


My family bought me some OPI shades. How happy was I? TONS!
Then when I get the shades they are not properly named (The Horror).
Three of the shades, different shades, had the same sticker at the bottom. This beautiful glitter is one of them..if you know the name please, please, please let me know! Thanks.

Bling the purple | Jessi Brownie Blog

Love and Smiles, Jessi

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