Nail Care Routine: Products and Process

Nail Care Routine: Products and Process | Jessi Brownie Blog

This blog is a nearly two years old and I have never done a nail care routine. What?!
So this is what I will be doing today. Not just the products I use but my process of using them.
Hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to leave a comment bellow!

Nail Care Routine: Cleaning | Jessi Brownie Blog

Of course, the first thing I do is remove my previous nail art. For that job a take apart cotton balls (no need to use the whole thing) and dip it in Beauty Secrets – Non-Acetone nail polish remover. I have the polish remover in a pusher, I don’t remember where I got it, it has been with me for quite some time. Non-Acetone removers take a bit longer but don’t damage your nails as much as acetone.
TIP: Pure-Acetone comes in handy when you have glitter polish on since glitter is way harder to remove. What I do is, dip the piece of cotton on Beauty Secrets – Pure-Acetone and press it against my nail for around 30 seconds before getting to work, if you know what I mean.

Nail Care Routine: Filing and Trimming | Jessi Brownie Blog

Once my nails are clean I move on to filing and trimming. My mom got me into buffers from a very young age and even though they are not the best or last much I can’t help but have one in my stash. I don’t use all of the sides but I do use them to even out my nails or make them shine. For filing I recently bought a crystal file, it takes a bit of getting used to but they are like magic for filing your nails. Mine is from Sally Beauty buy I have my eye on the look out for better ones. Any suggestions?
Cuticle protector is what I think of myself. I love to take care of my cuticles and never, ever cut them. I do cut the occasional dry skin around the top of my fingers, around the nails and that’s when the Cala Cuticle Nipper comes to the rescue. Also, the nipper and the nail clipper are my best friends when is time for a pedicure.

Nail Care Routine: Cuticle Care | Jessi Brownie Blog

Like I said, I am a cuticle protector. At the moment I own, and use Essie – Apricot Cuticle Oil, Revlon – Cuticle Softener and Sally Hansen – Cuticle Massage Cream.
How I use them: As general care I use either the cream or the oil at night, I try to do one day one, next day the other. Both the cream and the oil have Apricot oil. I find them both amazing but if you use too much, the oil can leave you with greasy and the cream with sticky fingers. I always soften my cuticles with the Revlon Softener before doing my nails, depending on how dry they are I can also go for the cream or the oil. When I do use them I don’t paint my nails for a few minutes to let it sink in and then with a cotton or a hand towel I clean my nails a bit. I notice that if I don’t clean the nail post cream or oil my nails chip faster.
TIP: Apply your cuticle cream or oils after you do your nails and they are dry. I will tell you more about why later.

Nail Care Routine: Nail Care | Jessi Brownie Blog

OPI Nail Envy: Orignal Formula is my holy grail nail care product.
Hearing great things for years but never giving it the time of day. My nails constantly chipping and breaking and weak no matter what base coat I tried. Then I thought “let’s give nail envy a chance” and I never looked back. Wow, that was dramatic. But honestly, my nails are stronger than ever, they rarely break or chip and they grow like crazy. For years I have kept my nails slightly short (mostly because they used to break) and ever since I started with Nail Envy (over a year) I am constantly filing them to make them shorter because they grow too much.
The packaging says you can use it under or over nail polish. Personally, I only use it as my base coat when I do my nails, which is usually twice a week.

And then it is time to do my nails.
Simple or complicated depending on my mood or how much time I have available!

Nail Care Routine: Cleaning after | Jessi Brownie Blog

I wanted to show you guys this part too. After my nails are done I have to clean up around the nails.
I start off with a ear swap for the outsides and a brush for the details around the nails. Since the nail polish gets stuck and makes the brush hard to work with (and I hate having to clean the brush to continue cleaning around the nails) what I do is take a tiny cup or a lid to mix a bit of nail thinner and acetone. That way when you dip the brush you clean the brush and get more liquid to clean your nails at the same time.
TIP: Don’t forget to clean the brush thoroughly when you are done. Also, do NOT leave the acetone open, it will evaporate. When I use a little cup for my magical mix, I also take a piece of paper or plastic and cover it while I am cleaning the nail, Otherwise I will have to add more and more acetone because it evaporates quickly.

EXTRA TIP: Acetone dries your skin. So if you do use acetone to clean around your nails you might want to apply cuticle cream or oil after your nails are dry. You can also keep a hand cream around. We don’t want perfect nails and super dry fingers, do we?

And that is it for my current Nail Care Routine. Do you do things differently? What are your favorite products? Any nail file recommendations? Questions? Leave them bellow!

Hope you liked this post! Follow my blog if you want more nail art and tips.

Love and Smiles, Jessi

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2 thoughts on “Nail Care Routine: Products and Process

  1. Hi Sam! Thanks a lot for that link I’ll check it out! I always try to have different products once mine are running out just keeping the holy grail (OPI Nail Envy). Hope my routine works for you, keeping healthy nails, cuticles and hands is super important 🙂

  2. I’ve been researching crystal files also.
    I have one I love, but I got it in a giveaway and I have no idea the brand or where she actually purchased it. She recommended this brand though, and RAVES about hers. I will be purchasing a couple when I finally wear mine down, which seems like I never will lol.
    Here’s a link to the search of “file” on the website.

    Hope it helps love. Awesome routine btw. I like to switch it up sometimes, and am about to follow your routine right now. (with a few variations on the actual products themselves)

    Xx Sambe

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