WNAC Pastel – Simple

It’s Friday! That means a new mani. And guess what? I am taking part on a weekly nail art challenge! I have never done a nail art challenge before because I don’t have the time to do my nails every day. But this challenge brought to me by Miss Bella Tracey is a weekly challenge, so I can actually do it!
Enough babble already. April’s theme is Pastel, but I don’t own many pastel shades so I might repeat some colors. The design will be different each time, tough.
Today’s challenge was a simple mani. Check it out!

WNAC Pastel - Simple - Jessi Brownie Blog

On to Nail Talk
Pastel gradient = J’adore!
I went with a sky blue and lilac combo. I thought of adding embellishments, rhinestones or something but that would defeat the purpose of a simple mani.

Polishes Used:
Color Club “Take me to your chateu” and Sally Hansen “Lacey Lilac”

OPI Nail Envy Original Formula. Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

WNAC Pastel - Simple - Jessi Brownie BlogWNAC Pastel - Simple - Jessi Brownie Blog WNAC Pastel - Simple - Jessi Brownie Blog

I am having such a hard time taking my pictures. I still don’t have a lamp and there is not enough natural light in my room. I will improve, I promise. Let me know if you have any advise for me on that front.

Love and Smiles, Jessi

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4 thoughts on “WNAC Pastel – Simple

  1. Those colours are so nice! 🙂 I’m afraid I don’t have any tips for better light, maybe you can DIY a light box?

  2. Oh really? I think once mine get long again (after breaking!) I’m gonna have to try that shape out! thanks X

  3. Thanks Katy 🙂 They are squovals (square/ovals) they don’t chips or break as much as regular square nails. I love the colors of the nail polishes (in the link you sent)

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