Silver Bells

Hello again blog readers!
To continue with my Nail Art named after Christmas Songs, today I bring you…Silver Bells
(link to my favorite version of the song will be at the end of the post).

Silver Bells | JessiiBrownie

A few weeks ago I spotted a red and white Revlon glitter polish that just screamed Christmas. I had no idea how to incorporate to my nail art, until today.

On to Nail Talk!
My ring finger and thumb have the same nail polish as a base, but on my ring finger I did my Silver Bell (I tried to do two..didn’t work) and on my thumb I added a coat of that glitter polish mentioned earlier  and lined it with silver nail polish. Speaking of the glitter, I used about three coats of it on my middle finger. And on my index finger I used only silver. Lastly my pinky is a white base with a couple of red dots in the lower center.

Polishes used:
Pure Ice “Silver Star”, Sinful Colors “Snow me white”, Revlon Parfumerie “China Flowers” and my new glitter RevlonDaring Graffiti
Base Coat: OPI Nail Envy (Original Formula) / Top Coat: Orly Glosser

Silver Bells | JessiiBrownie Silver Bells | JessiiBrownie

One my favorite versions of Silver Bells (so far) is from Colbie Caillat. It has a really sweet with dreamy feel to it.
Her Christmas Album is called ‘Christmas in the Sand‘ and it is great.

Love and Smiles, Jessi

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