Sweater Weather Wishlist

It is time for another fashion wishlist. As always I created a set on Polyvore and I will explain it here. Since I can’t create different sets and publish them together in one post I created a huge Three Outfits set to share with you guys and they are all about the Sweater Weather!Sweater Weather Wishlist

As you might already know I live in a year-round hot city but during the Autumn and Winter, when it is raining a lot, we do get some cold-ish weather. That is why I wish I could find shops that sell sweaters like these, to wear on days like today.
For these Polyvore outfits I selected the the three  sweaters I thought the cutest and I tried to create a full look that I would love to wear (if I had the shops and money to buy them)

Let me start by saying that the hair I imagine for these outfits is the same. Long, slightly messy waves. Gorgeous!

Outfit 1

A beige sweater with a cool typographic design “Jingle all the way!”, a pair of dark blue jeans, beige boots and a beanie. I haven’t owned one (a beanie) in forever but they are very cozy. Also, since I am on the hunt for a wrist watch, I look for one for my outfits. Some Christmas-y jewlry and a handbag. This is a Zara handbag that I have my eye on but is a bit expensive for me so I might just keep looking at it in the store until I have the courage and money to buy it.
As always for my fashion sets I picked the nail polished that I might wear with the outfit; for this look a dark wine red, a dark green and light gren glitter. I also wanted to show you guys the make-up that I would love to do to complete this look: winged eye liner and red lips.

Outfit 2

This looks started with the leggings. I want, I need, holiday leggings in my closet, but none in the stores feel right. I would love ones like these in the set. I pared them with a lovely  Popsicle sweater that is just “Chillin’ ” (get it?) and tall light brown boots, that I want and might just buy. For this look I also found a snowman watch with red straps and a black backpack. Since there is a lot going on I’d do a clean natural look for the eye makeup but with glossy red lips (I actually own this lip gloss and it is Amazing!, creamy and pretty and lasts for a really long time on your lips).
For nail polish I’d keep it simple with a shimmery gold.

Outfit 3

Oh the (imaginary) Winter is coming. And since I love me some gray this gray reindeer sweater come in hand perfectly and it is SO beautiful. I would wear it with black leggings, gray short boots and a light gray beanie. For the watch I picked a cute reindeer watch with blue straps. A long-ish Snowflake necklace and small handbag with a long strap (that I hang wear across my chest, is that how you say it? hang?. Anyway). Lastly, I would do lined eyes, slightly smokey, baby pink matte lips and I would wear, of course, gray nail polish but I would do something cool with a gray glitter on one or all my nails.

To know where all the items are from you can check my Polyvore set over on Polyvore (duh) and..I guess that’s it. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog. Let me know in the comment section bellow if you like one or any of these looks and let mw know what your perfect Sweater Weather outfit would look like.

Until next time,

Love and Smiles, Jessi

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