Scary Movies Villains and Quotes

Aaaahhhhhhgggggg!!!! (trying to scream)

For someone who hates the sight of blood I kind of really like scary movies. Like not love. And I prefer the scary movies with less blood and more stress, since I am constantly covering my face or looking away when there’s too much blood or body parts flying around.
I will tell you about the villains on my nails and give you my favorite quote from them in the movie.
If you like scary movies please share them with me in the comment section. Don’t forget to quote!scary / horror movie villains by JessiiBrownie

On to Nail Talk!
Jigsaw: I don’t like SAW movies. They are more gross than scary and the reason behind it all makes no sense. I have not seen all the movies but I do love the jigsaw doll.
Favorite quote: “I want to play a game…

Ghostface: My favorite. I know they are cheesy at times but Scream movies are my favorite scary movies. I don’t know if they are truly scary, but I can watch them over and over, only closing my eyes when there is too much blood.
I’m looking forward to Scream 5, hope it doesn’t suck.
Favorite quote: “Do you like scary movies?

Freddy Krueger: I  did a marathon in my house and watched them all. Except for “Freddy vs Jason” because I read is bad. These movies have a lot of blood and guts and gross stuff but I still like (some of) them, at some point Freddy became a joke and stopped being scary.
Favorite Quote Song: “One, Two, Freddy is coming for you. Three, Four, Better lock your doors. Five, Six, Grab a crucifix. Seven, Eight, Gonna stay up late. Nine, Ten, Never sleep again

Fun Fact:
Did you know Scream and Nightmare on Elm Street were both by Wes Craven? And he did cameos in the movies and has made tons of other scary movies.

Jason: He is on my nails because he is one of the classics. But I have not seen Friday the 13th movies. This will be fixed soon.

Hannibal Lecter: I don’t know if these was supposed to be a scary movie. But I remember never finishing watching Hanibal. Too much blood, too creepy, just too much for me to handle.
No quote here because all I remember is blood and me freaking out.

scary / horror movie villains by JessiiBrownie

Polishes used:
Sinful Colors “Snow me White”, Revlon “China Flower” and “Coastral Surf”, Sally Hansen “Green with Envy”, Valmy “Negro” and “Color 168”, LA Colors “Whipped”, Pure Ice ” and Color Club “Secret Rendezvous”

I’m sorry this post was all about the scary guys but I really wanted to share my thoughts with whoever is reading this.
There are a lot of mistakes with these nails but I will try it again next year, see if I can improve.

scary / horror movie villains by JessiiBrowniescary / horror movie villains by JessiiBrowniescary / horror movie villains by JessiiBrowniescary / horror movie villains by JessiiBrowniescary / horror movie villains by JessiiBrowniescary / horror movie villains by JessiiBrownie

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More Halloween nails coming next week. Is there anything you would like to see?

Love and Smiles, Jessi

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