Silver Halfmoons

When in the office supplies store: you have to buy circular reinforcement labels to use for half-moons….or is it just me?

I have been looking for these type of circles for years now, and even though I don’t know the name in the nail art world, the moment my eyes spotted these cuties I knew I had to have them to finally be able to create decent looking half moons.
This was my first time trying them out and as always, when in doubt, go with purple.Silver Halfmoon1

Yes, I do have other nail polish colors. But how could I not try half-moons for the first time with something other than purple! Maybe I’m a tad obsessed…naah.

On to Nail Talk!
I started with a silver base for all my nails. After they were completely dry I took one reinforcement and placed it on my nail to cover the silver half moon.
TIP: Take the label and paste it on your hand for a couple seconds before placing it on your nails. These types of labels tend to have strong very sticky glue that might make your base peel off even it was completely dry. True Story.
I did my half moons one at the time. Placed the label and then applied two coats of purple polished and removed the label at once. If you let it sit for too long when you remove it, it will take some of your second nail polish. Another true story.
Since I used two tones of purple for my mani, when the half moons were finished and dry I took a thin brush and lined the half moons.

Polishes used:
Pure Ice “Silver Star”, Revlon Parfumerie “Wild Violets” and Bissú “Orquidea”Silver Halfmoon3Silver Halfmoon4Silver Halfmoon2Silver Halfmoon5

What do you use to make half moon manicures? Let me know in the comments bellow!

Thank you guys reading me today. Remember you can also follow me on social networks for more nail art and randomness.

Love and Smiles, Jessi

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