Blue Jelly

It seems crazy that a few years ago jelly nail polishes did not exist. Nowadays indie nail polish creators make the most beautiful jelly polishes no household brand could come up with. But back in the day, nail artists had to create the jelly look on their own, or how we call it “Jelly sandwich”. I have my eye on a few jelly polishes online but today the idea of playing around with polishes seemed interesting and I just went for it.
The final look is a bit of a failure, but I don’t hate is enough not to show it.jelly

On to Nail Talk!
To create my jelly look: I started with a min nail polish as the base color, followed by a glitter polish and finished with a baby blue sheer nail polish. As a little extra I added a few dots on the beds of my nails.

Polishes used:
LA Colors Color Craze “Meadow” and “Confetti”, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear “Breezy Blue”jelly2 jelly1

What do you guys  think of my first attempt at creating a jelly look? Have you ever tried to do it yourselves? What’s your favorite indie jelly nail polish?. Let me know in the comments bellow 🙂

Thank you guys reading me today. Remember you can also follow me on social networks for more nail art and randomness.

Love and Smiles, Jessi

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