Lego Movie: Wildstyle Nail Art

Hello beautiful people! Happy Monday (if there is such a thing)

Today I bring you a long-time-coming mani: Lego Movie inspired nails!
Gotta say, I was expecting to like the the movie a lot more than I did. The whole real humans in the movie was kind of blah for me. But this isn’t a movie review is a nail art post so let’s get kragling…ha ha.
Even though I really liked Unikitty and her crazy angry alter-ego, my favorite character was Wildstyle aka Lucy aka the one I found myself relating to the most. Here she goes.Lego nails. Wildstyle nails. nail art

On to Nail Talk!
As always I tried to represent something different in each one of my nails.
My pinky is her jacket/sweater/hoody’s zipper. Then on my ring finger and thumb I (sort of) did the pattern from her outfit. My middle finger is Lucy’s face, she doesn’t look totally perfect but I like it. Lastly my index finger is representing the hood.
To get a more real LEGO-ish look I used a Matte Top Coat.Lego nails. Wildstyle nails. nail art

Polishes used:
Valmy “Negro”, BISSÚ “Rosa Bubble”, OPI “I just can’t cope-acabana”, Revlon Colorstay “Coastral Surf”, Pure Ice “Silver Star”, Sinful Colors “Snow Me White” and Revlon “Matte Top Coat”
For the detailing I used my nail art brushes and for the eyes and freckles I used my dotting tools. I wrote about them HERE
Lego nails. Wildstyle nails. Bissú nail colourLego nails. Wildstyle nails. OPI nail polishLego nails. Wildstyle nails. Revlon colorstay nail polish

I know OPI just launched a new collection for the fall: Peanuts Collection, it looks amazing and you can read about it HERE. I love Peanuts so much but I don’t think I will get my hands on this collection any time soon since I live in Mexico. So for the fall you will continue to see one of my Spring/Summer favorites, my OPI “I just can’t cope-acabana” from their Brazil Collection.Lego nails. Wildstyle nails. OPI nail polish

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Love and Smiles, Jessi

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