The Blue Umbrella inspired nails

Who doesn’t like a themed mani? Specially when is something cute!
If you follow my blog you may know by now that I take inspiration from anything I see, but I find it really fulfilling translating movies and books onto my nails. I don’t know why.
Today my inspiration came from one of (my many)  favorite Pixar Shorts: “The Blue Umbrellathe blue umbrella - pixar short 2013 - monsters university

This short was released last year alongside the Disney-Pixar movie “Monsters University”.
Back then I was to afraid to try a Blue and Red mani (the main characters as I call them), but now that I have been blogging nail art for almost a year I wanted to give it a try.
(if you haven’t seen the short I will link the full video at the end of this post)

On to Nail Talk!
My pinky and thumb are made with little multi-colored cirles that I selected and applied one by one. YES it took a really long time, but I wanted to represent the city lights and the rain in a really pretty way.
And if you remember, I also did this for my The Perks of Being a Wallflower mani last year.

I didn’t want to use black because faces of the characters are black and you might thing is the body. They are umbrellas, just FYI, so I went for a shiny violet base for my index finger and I added a blue and a read heart on the top to the right.
Now for the main characters, as I call them, Red and Blue (ladies first people), on my middle and ring fingers respectively. I used the read and the blue as my base colors, and then I shaped the umbrella with dark violet and freehanded the face for both characters.
This part took forever and I am not 100% pleased. But I like the fact that the faces on my nails at least resemble the real faces from the short.the blue umbrella - pixar short 2013 - monsters university 2

Polishes used:
Revlon Parfumerie “Wild Violets” and “China Flowers”, Revlon Colorstay “Coastral Surf” and Valmy “Negro”. I also used a rapid-graph to sketch the faces on my nails before using black nail polish, that way if I made a mistake I could fix it without having to start the whole nail over.
I just realized used mostly Revlon nail polishes, LOL.the blue umbrella - pixar short 2013 - monsters university 3

As I promised here is the link to the full short in HD. You’re welcome.
[The Blue Umbrella (2013)]the blue umbrella - pixar short 2013 - monsters university 2

Thank you guys reading me today. And please follow and share my blog with your friends.

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Love and Smiles, Jessi

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