Baby Neon

A lot of nail artist look for inspiration and new trends on their Instagram’s feed. My inspiration just showed up, in the form of the cutest twins ever and their beautiful dresses.
Stripping tape is still a challenge for me but the more I practice the less sloppy it looks, or at least I think it does.Baby Neon1

These are no ordinary out of the blue babies. They used to play “Emma” in ABC Family’s “Baby Daddy” one of my favorite comedies just FYI. Though they are no longer on the show, their lovely mom Jenny Beske  keeps them in my life with her Instagram account (you can check it here)
A few days ago she posted a few pictures of the twins playin outsite and their dress was so adorable and neon I just knew I had to turn it into nail art as soon as possible.
Baby Neon6

On to Nail Talk!
Pre Base Coat: Revlon “Cuticle Softener”
Base Coat: Valmy “Re-hydrating”
With the same brush from the nail polish bottles I did three stripes, one for each color (coral, hot pink, bright yellow) and let them dry completely. Using nail stripping tape, I covered the parts of each color I wanted to leave to be seen and followed with a thick coat of gray.
My top coats are super old and yucky so for this mani I didn’t apply any top coat.

I will buy a new one ASAP but for now, no Top Coat (sad face)

The polishes used were: Santee “Perfect Silver”, Essie “Tart Deco”, LA Colors Color Craze “Pink Bubbles” and OPI “I just can’t cope-acabana”
Baby Neon4Baby Neon3Baby Neon2Baby Neon5
Thank you guys reading me today

Love and Smiles, Jessi

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