Crop Top Fever

As you may or may not know. Every now and then I feel the need to express myself through clothes. I don’t have the stores near by and more importantly the money to buy them so I head over to and create a set to releace the fashion creativeness that’s going on inside me. Today I was thinking of crop tops. Love the trend, would never wear it. To shy.

Crop Top Fever

Usually, I put together only one look. But today I wanted to play a little more and ended up with three.

If I had the the body and confidence to rock crop tops  I would do it in a heart beat. This trend can look super cool or super wrong. Specially when girls wear a crop top that looks more like a bra and pair of shorts so short that, you know, kind of look like underwear. I have seen girls and women “rocking” that look. In my opinion a BIG no-no!

The way I would do it might not be the best but I think it looks a lot better and much more sophisticated.

For a more laid-back style a flowy colorful print crop top, a (short underneath) maxi skirt and some flat beaded nude sandals would be amazing.  Maybe wavy hair as well for a full-on beachy look, even if you don’t live by the beach.

If you do it the right way a crop top could look super glamorous and even professional (if you throw a black jacket on top).
Remember this is my bold-outgoing self putting this looks together.
Bright yellow looks great on me (my mom says). So a bright yellow crop top and a black and white skater skirt is what came to mind. Paired up with a pair or pointy low-heel white shoes and a big bold black and silver statement necklace. I might add a ring or to and flat iron the hair or do a hair-doughnut up-do.

For a not-too-casual-but-not-too-formal look my imagination went straight to tribal print.
A black and white tribal print and a white A line skirt. For wow factor or splash of color, whatever you call it. I thought of turquoise wedges booties and a couple of turquoise bracelets or cuffs.

I would  pair ALL of this looks with OPI Brazil Collection “I just can’t cope-acabana” that is my favorite yellow, as you might know if you read the nail art part if this blog.

In the menu look for Nail Art posts and check them out.
You can also head over to my polyvore profile to see where you can get all the things I used to create this set.
Let me know in the comment section bellow if you wear crop tops and what your thoughts are on almost naked people walking down the street, yay or nei?

Until next time,

Love and Smiles, Jessi

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