Goldy Nautical

Well Hello Everyone!

You know, for a year or two I’ve been saying….”Why do people go cra-cray with Nautical manicures” , “I don’t get it” I repeated again and again. But now, after doing my first ever Nautical mani I realize they are super cute and adorable and who doesn’t like a themed manicure?
I have to say I finally caved and went for a Nautical theme on my nails after seeing CutePolish Nautical tutorial a few times. I twisted a bit to make it my own, hope you all reading this like it.Nautical1

On to Nail Talk!
From left to right.
My pinky is a white base with a couple of (uneven) thin blue stripes at the top or bottom (depends on how you see it)
On my ring finger I was able to do an Anchor thanks to CutePolish’s tutorial, with a little twist: instead of a curved anchor, I did a triangular one (easier to do, if you ask me).
Dark blue over Baby blue and nail tape made my middle finger look super cute with a simple little chevron.
My index finger are two thick coats of a sparkly golden color.
Lastly, I did wide red and white stripes on my thumb.Nautical5Nautical4Nautical3The nail polishes I used were:
Valmy “Re-hydrating” base coat.
Valmy “Tiza”. Sally Hansen “Breezy blue”, “Blue it” and “Golden-I”. Revlon Parfumerie “China Flower”
I topped everything off with Lay-Pro “BES” fast-drying Top CoatNautical2Nautical6Thank you guys reading me today. If you liked this post, please click the like button, follow this blog for more sweet nail art. And if you recreate this look don’t forget to tag me so I can see it!

Love and Smiles, Jessi


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