Wimbledon Time!

Hello Sweets

The strawberry eating season has begun! At least for people at Wimbledon. And I know it might seam that way but I swear I’m not that into sports. I only love Football (soccer) and Tennis, and right now the World Cup and Wimbledon are happening, at the same time. Oh boy.

A little back-story, just in case: Wimbledon is THE tennis championship. The World Cup of tennis is you like football better. Wimbledon started yesterday morning in London but I have only been able to see one match so far. Darn you paying job!

To celebrate my excitement I had to do Wimbledon Nails, obviously.Wimbledon1

On to Nail Talk! Doing some research I found out that during the Championship people, posh people mostly, eat lots and lots of strawberries. That’s why my pinky is a white base with many strawberries on top. I used Lay-Pro “Color 85” as my base and for the dots on top of the strawberries. With the help of dotting tools and Lay-Pro “Color 76” and Sinful Colors “Innocent” I made little strawberries all over the nail. On my ring finger I used Sinful Colors“Innocent” as my base. And did a tennis racquet on top with Essie “I’m Addicted”, Sally Hansen “Coral Reef” and Lay-Pro “Color 85” Right next to the racquet I had to do tennis balls, of course. I used Essie “I’m addicted” as my base color and Sinful Colors “Innocent” and Lay-Pro “Color 85” for the tennis balls.Wimbledon2My index finger represents the UK which is not only the country where Wimbledon is but it also represents the country of my favorite player: Andy Murray (winner of last year’s Male Championship btw), I also love Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Maria Sharapova and the Radwanska sisters, Agnieska and Urszula. Sorry I drifted a little there. Back to my nails… I used Sally Hansen “Blue It” as my base. With nail thick liner brush I applied Lay-Pro “Color 85” (white) and with a thinner one I used Lay-Pro “Color 76” (red) Last but not least I attempted to recreate the Wimbledon logo on my thumb. It’s far from perfect but “it’s better done than perfect” right? I used Sally Hansen “Emerald City” as my base, followed by a mix of Essie “Sittin’ Pretty” and “Purple” to create the perfect tone of purple and Lay-Pro “Color 85” for the rackets. As my base I used Valmy “Nail Hardener” as my base coat and I topped everything off with Revlon “Matte Top Coat”. I think for this mani that matte finish is just purrrfect. Wimbledon6Wimbledon5Wimbledon4Wimbledon3

Do you guys like to watch Wimbledon? Who is your favorite player?

Thank you so much for reading me today. And if you liked this post it would mean a lot if you gave it a like, re-blog or share on social media.

Love and Smiles, Jessi


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