Something New (for me)

Hello Sweets

As a nail art blogger is good to keep trying on the new trends and keep improving your work. I have been working on improving my work and now I want to try something new. That’s what I’m doing today. As you may or may not know I traveled almost a moth ago and from my Nail Art Haul I did a sneaky post that you can check right here. I also did a little bit of a clothes shopping, one of the purchases served as my inspiration for today’s mani.ikat nails

My inspiration for this mani is my new American Eagle printed legging. I have not yet wore this and since I am weird that’s why I did my nails like this.. so I could match my outfit with my nails, like I said, I’m weird. Let me show the print.ikat nails8ikat nails6On to Nail Talk! The trend that I tried today is called Ikat Nails. It is not that new but I have never tried it before and I think is kind of a summer trend this year so I gave it a shot. For my nails I picked two of the rhombus from the print: the mint rhombus on my pinky and ring finger, and the fuchsia rhombus with a peachy coral accent line on my middle, index and thumb. For the first print I started with a mint base using LA Colors Color Craze “Meadow” I detailed the print with ValmyNegro“, SanteePerfect Silver” and Lay-Pro “Color 85“. For the second one I used a  fucshia base with ValmyAtrevida“, and for the details I used ValmyNegro“, SanteePerfect Silver“, and Essie Tart Deco” The ikat (line, after line, after line to create a shape) was done with a detailing brushikat nails5ikat nails3ikat nails4ikat nails2ikat nails7

Thank you so much for reading me today. If you liked this post give it a like, re-blog or share on social media it would mean a lot. Something cool is coming up next week so make sure you follow this blog to find out. Until next time…

Love and Smiles, Jessi


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