Here’s to June 17

Hello sweeties!

I hope all of you lovely people are doing great. Today is June 16, at least where I am right now. Which means.. tomorrow will be..(whoot-whoot!) MY BIRTHDAY! The usual birthday mani for a lot of people has cupcakes on them, right? Mine is a little different..thinking about it I wanted to use my favorite color (purple), my favorite brands (Essie, OPI and Sally Hansen), and what I will do for my birthday….Take a lookbday1

Yeap…my numbers look sucky….moving on..

On to Nail Talk! My pinky is a mix of two Pure Ice glitters “Cheatin” and “Over you” I seriously LOVE these colors. The base color for my ring, middle finger and thumb is EssieSittin’ Pretty“, the consistency is amazing. The last base color I used is O.P.I.I just can’t cope-acabana” on my index finger. I ADORE ice cream and I plan on having some tomorrow, that’s why I did an ice cream cone on my ring finger using LA Colors Color Craze “Whipped” and ValmyColor 168“…the ice-cream are some of my favorite flavors: Strawberry with Sally HansenCoral Reef“, cookies with Lay-ProColor 85” and ValmyNegro“, and caramel LA ColorsWhipped“. Cookies is not really a flavor but…whatevs. My middle finger has my soon to be new age with a kind of glitter gradient using the same polishes from my pinky and I did the gradient backwards on my thumb. Last but SO not least, on top of my gorgeous O.P.I. yellow, I hand-painted some SUSHI using ValmyNegro“, Lay-ProColor 85“, Sally HansenSun Kissed” and “Green with envy“. I did Sushi because is going to be my dinner tomorrow. I’m kind of obsessed with Sushi just FYI. I used Valmy Nail Hardener” as my base coat and Lay-ProColor 69” as my top coat. I used my nail art dotting tools and brushes I showed you on my Haul post bday3bday4bday5bday6bday7Since it is my birthday I would love it for you push the like button on this post and it would be super great if you shared your favorite blog post of mine in any (of all) of your social networks, your choice.

Thank you so much for reading me today. I will come back with more on Friday. If you have any thoughts or suggestions you can leave them in the comment section bellow. If you want to see what I have for food or on my nails or some crazy random stuff you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. bday2

Love and Smiles, Jessi


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