Can’t keep calm The World Cup has begun!

Oe Oe Oe Oe! England! ENGLAND!

FIFA’s Brazil 2014 Football (soccer) World Cup has begun! And today/tomorrow (depending where you are) England is playing!! That’t the team I’m rooting for just FYI. For this blog this obviously means: England’s Nail Art.TeamEngland

Since my jobs have me super busy I had to calm down a little and do something simpler than I wanted to. Overall I’m quite pleased with how this turned out, and I am super, mega exited for the game tomorrow against Italy.

On to Nail Talk! I officially hate Valmy‘s “Tiza”. What a horrible white, is pretty new and it is already thick and I got little air bubbles all over. Unfortunately is the only one I have so I had to use it. I will get a new one ASAP. I used this color on most of my fingers, adding a red round stud on my pinky and index fingers. And on my ring my ring finger and thumb I used red nail tape to create the flag. Last but not least to ad a little POW! to the mani I used a few coats of O.P.I. “Minnie Style” on my middle finger. I used Valmy ” Nail Hardening” base coat and Lay-Pro “Color 69” as my top coat.TeamEngland3TeamEngland4My blog is not getting a lot of love lately. Maybe because my manis are not good enough or because my photos are not the best. I have a lot of ideas for new Nail Art but the cool ones will be done when I can wrap my head around my jobs and make the time to sit and do better designs on my nails. About the pictures I first have to apologize. I know they are not the best in the bloggosphere but I will work on getting a Photo Setting or whatever the name is even if it is a DIY kind of thing. I want better photos not just for you guys but for myself. I’m really disappointed with my current lighting.TeamEngland2 Thank you so very much for reading this post. Specially those of you that are constantly checking this blog (Maja Elders, Estelle Heart and a couple others), you make me feel that I should not give up and keep on posting.

If you are into sports (or like me, into the World Cup)… What’s your favorite Team? Who do you want to win?

I will be back with a new blog post on Monday hopefully. Have a great Football (soccer) filled weekend.

Love and Smiles, Jessi


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