Movie Nails: WALL-E

Hello my sweets!

This week work and life in general kept me so busy I didn’t have time to post on Monday, but I am back!

Like I might have mentioned before, I have a booklet where I keep my nail art ideas. This week I decided to do one mani that was only waiting for the perfect blue for Eve’s eyes. WALL-E Nails. I love Pixar, this movie, the concept, the message and the characters and I really like my nails today. Hope you like them too.wall-e7

I will not bore you telling you how much I love this movie so I will just jump…

On to Nail Talk!
Wall-E is set in space (most of the time) so of course I had to do Galaxy Nails. I did them on my thumb and index fingers. This is the first time I am actually pleased with the way the galaxy nails turned out. My middle finger is super awesome, bad-ass, touch-me-and-I’ll-kill-you: Eve. Right next t her, on my ring finger, we have Wall-E. He is so cute and adorable and I just love him. I also had to do this nail twice because the first time he looked more like E.T. than Wall-E. Last but definitely not least, the glue, the reason the story went up to space. The little cute growing plant. I even did the shoe, which is not perfect but I like it anyway. wall-e3

What I used:
Valmy “Re-hydrating” base coat – Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear “Blue It”, “Emerald City” and ” Green with Envy” – Valmy “Negro”, “Color 168” and “Color 116” – Revlon Top Speed “Espresso” – Essie “Purple” and “I’m Addicted” – Pure Ice “Silver Star” – Lay-Pro “Color 85” – Lay-Pro “BES” fast drying Top Coat – Dotting tool – Detailing thin brush wall-e6wall-e4wall-e5

Do you think Wall-E looks like the real Wall-E? Does Eve look happy? How cute is the little boot and the plant?

wall-e wall-e2

If you have suggestions or request for more Movie Inspired Nails leave me comment bellow.

Thank you so much for reading me today!

Love and Smiles, Jessi


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