Happy Star Wars Day

May the 4th be with you everyone!

I am not totally obsessed or know every line and fake language or anything like that, but I am fan and a geek and today is like a holiday for me. That is why I dedicated all ten of my nails to one of my favorite movie sagas. If you follow this blog you might have seen the post on what I wish I’d be wearing today my Star Wars Outfit.

Outfit aside. Today is Nail Day and here are my hands, you get to see both of them today 🙂
A little heads up”Brace yourselves. It is going to be a long post with LOTS of pictures.


Have you ever heard “May the FORCE be with you“?? If you have you probably know or at least understand when crazy fans like me say “May the 4th be with you“. Noup it has nothing to do with Divergent, is a Star Wars thing.
I’m not sure when it became a thing but for the fans of the saga the day has become a holiday or more like a week holiday with the 4th as the final day of celebration. I love saying it…

May the 4th

OK, on to Nail Talk….Let’s split this post a little different. I will tell you about my right hand first, then my left hand, then I will show you more pics with both my hands and something fun I did.

Right Hand
This hand is for my favorite characters. From left to right they are: C3PO, R2D2, Chewy (Chewbacca), (Master) Yoda and a galaxy nail on my thumb with the words “May the 4th”.


What I used:
Valmy “Re-Hydrating” base coat
Lay-Pro “BES” fast drying top coat

Valmy “Color 116”, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails “Mellow Yellow”, Revlon Top Speed “Espresso”, Valmy “Negro”

R2D2 (my fave)
Lay-Pro “Color 85”, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails “Blue it”, Pure Ice “Silver Star”, Valmy “Negro”, Lay-Pro “Color 76”

NYX Matte “Matte Chocolate”, Revlon Top Speed “Espresso”, Valmy “Color 168”, LA Colors Color Craze “Whipped”, Lay-Pro “Color 85”, Valmy “Negro”

Valmy “Fortuna”, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails “Emerald City”, Valmy “Negro”, Lay-Pro “Color 85”

Galaxy (for both hands)
Valmy “Negro”, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails “Blue it”, Essie “Purple”, Rimmel London Lasting Finish “Purple Pulse”, Lay-Pro “Color 85”




There is a Star Wars meme where Darth Vader says “Come to the Dark Side Luke…we have cookies“.
That saying was very popular among my friends back in college, and we used it for pretty much everything. Of course I had to use that for my Star Wars mani.


Left Hand
To have fun with the “Come to the Dark Side we have cookies” I did a cookie on my pinky and Darth Vader on my ring finger. For the rest of my fingers I did Galaxy nails on my thumb I was miraculously able to write the words “Be with you”.

What I used:
– Valmy “Re-Hydrating” base coat
– Lay-Pro “BES” fast drying top coat

LA Colors Color Craze “Whipped”
Valmy “Color 168”
NYX Matte “Matte Chocolate”

Darth Vader
Valmy “Negro”
Pure Ice “Silver Star”

And I already told you what I used for the Galaxy Nails.

For the details throughout my nails I used a thin brush, a toothpick and a make-up sponge.


I mentioned that on both my thumbs I wrote something…the idea is to put them together and get the phrase “May the 4th be with you



Let’s go CRAY-CRAY with the cookies
Like I said before the cookie meme was a thing back in college so I couldn’t just do a cookie on my nails and call it day…I had to take pictures with actual cookies..and you know, have fun with it





Thank you so, so much for reading me today. Let me know in the comments bellow if you like Star Wars and even if you don’t I’d love to know what you think of today’s mani. If you liked this post please share it…everywhere!

Have a great International Star Wars Day.

Love and Smiles, Jessi


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