Neon-ish Geo nails

Hi Everyone!

Today I wanted to challenge myself and do my very first Geometrical Mani. I’ve had the idea and the colors in my head for quite some time but I was to afraid to try. Now, as you may know lately I’ve been practicing with nail tape, which is why today I was brave enough to try Geo Nails.


The colors I used are probably the brightest I own (for now) they are not exactly neon but in my head they are..Does that maks sense? Probably not. Anyway….


On to Nail Talk!
As usual for me this mani started with a sketch I made. Then following a base coat I applied a nude base color for all my nails and waited for them to dry.
With nail striping tape I separated the parts I wanted yellow. Applied it and then again, I waited for my nails to dry.
Lastly when I was 95% sure they were fully dried. I re-used the tape to separate  the parts of the nails that were going to be painted coral.
After half hour or so I removed the tape and applied top coat.

Is is just me or polishes take forever to dry when you need them to dry quickly?

What I used:
Valmy “Re-Hydrating” base coat
LA Colors Color Craze “Whipped”
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails “Coral Reef”
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails “Mellow Yellow”
Lay-Pro “BES” fast drying top coat
– Striping Tape




I’m going to use this mani to enter Sally Hansen‘s #iHeartNailArt contest to read all about it go to

You can support my mani over there on hitting the like button on my social networks. I’d highly appreciate it.




Thanks for reading me today!

Have a great weekend and a fun “5 de Mayo” if you celebrate it
(or like me get an extra weekend day thanks to it)

Love and Smiles, Jessi


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