May the 4th 2014

Hello everyone! This IS the blog you were looking for.

As you may now know this blog is mostly Nail Art. But every now and then I get this need to create a dream outfit on Polyvore. Today’s dream outfit is a geek-chic Star Wars outfit.

We all know Luke is the hero, Darth Vader the villain and people love them. But my favorite character is R2D2. I freaking love the little droid that makes everyone happy and somehow never gets killed (thank you George Lucas for that).

This look is partially inspired in him. I think is a he…mmm…oh well…

May the 4th. 2014

This is a pretty casual look. Jeans and denim jacket with a Star W’ars top and a bright color underneath because the top seems kind of short and a little splash of color is always nice.

All the outfits I might make with Polyvore will include the polishes I’d wear with the outfit. I just can’t help it.

I do not own any of this items shown. They are just a set I created with clothes I wish I’d own. What do you think of the look?

Are you a nerdy geek like me? And.. Can this be considered fashion? This question drives me a little crazy sometimes. How can you be a total geek and into fashion at the same time!

A little heads up if you follow my blog. I will try to post on Sunday not on Monday to give you guys my Star Wars international day mani on the actual day.

Thanks for reading this post. See ya’ll Sunday.

Love and Smiles, Jessi

Oh…Before I forget this is the link to my polyvore account.
Over there you can check out the other set I made or the ones I have liked so far. The link is also on the sidebar right bellow my Bloglovin button.


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