Cherries and Stripes

Hello Everyone!

Today’s mani is a Cherry mani. I’ve seen many on Pinterest but I wanted to make my own version, and here it is.


It is the truth when I say that I waited a whole day to apply the top coat, but that didn’t stop the red nail polish from trying to ruin my manicure. You can see on my ring finger and thumb how it got all messy. I thought about discarding the mani and trying something else but I really wanted to show you guys how my stripes turned out. I’m getting better at it. Don’t you think?


On to Nail Talk!
This little pinky is a red base with a white outline.
Then my ring finger and thumb are a blue and white stripped base with a couple cherries on the bottom.
My middle finger is a blue base with my attempt of a cherry print.
Last but not least, to continue practicing my polka dots, I created a red base with white dots on my index finger.

What I used:
This is my first mani in a really long time where I used only Venezuelan nail polishes, weird…
Valmy “Re-Hydrating” base coat
Lay-Pro “Color 85”
Lay-Pro “Color 76”
Valmy “Amanecer”
Valmy “Fortuna”
Lay-Pro “Color 69” top coat
– Toothpic
– Nail Stripping Tape
– Thin brush

I don’t think that these brands are the best of the best; but they are pretty good (and were all I could afford back in my country). They helped me a lot back in the day, and it is because if them that my nail polish addiction started.




I apologize if these are not as good or as pretty as some of the nails I’ve done before. This is one of those designs that I’ll add to my Re-Do List for when my skills have improved enough to try again the same design and see if there’s any difference, hope so.

Thanks for reading me today! My next post will be up on Monday, have a great weekend..

Love and Smiles, Jessi


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