Kawaii Bunny

Hello there everyone! It is Easter time!!

For the first time ever I decided to do Easter Nails! I’m from South America and where over there we only celebrate Holy Week, well catholic people. Anyway I got some really cute ideas, or I least I think they are cute, so for the next couple of post I will bring you Easter Joy on my nails and posts.

I started with the basics: Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs


It took a while and a couple of nails had to be redone but the final result for this mani is something that makes me really happy…because is sooo cute!!
I don’t speak Japanesse (yet) but I do love the Kawaii trend in everything from furniture to decor to now, my nails.
Kawaii = Cute, in case you didn’t know.

On to Nail Talk!
My ring finger is the man of the hour, The Easter Bunny. I tried to make it as kawaii as possible.
The rest of my nails are Easter Eggs:
– My pinky is just a mint base
– My middle finger was inspired by a Snoopy image I found online, I did everything by hand starting from the coral and lilac bars, then a white “chevron” followed by horizontal bars, blue and coral and at the bottom I did a mint pannel
– My index finger is a purple base and a white polka dot hand-made print
– Last but not least my thumb is a white base with detailing in the same colors used before.


What I used:
Valmy “Re-Hydrating” base coat
Revlon “Eclectic”
Lay-Pro “Color 85”
Valmy “Negro”
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails “Coral Reef”
Rimmel London Lasting Finish “Marshmallow Heaven”
Valmy “Amanecer”
Lay-Pro “BES” fast drying top coat
– Thin brush
– Toothpic




Do you something special for Easter where you live? Let me know in the comments bellow


Here are a couple little close-up of the Bunny!! (I’m obsessed)



Thanks for reading me today! I will come back with an new Easter inspired mani on Thursday or Friday.

Love and Smiles, Jessi


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