Anna’s Coronation Dress

 Hi Everyone!

Since I don’t want to on for a month or longer doing weekly Frozen inspired nails, I am going to to my very best to do my nails twice a week.

Today I did Anna’s Coronation Dress…not much of a fan of green myself but this dress was beautiful.


I wanted a full front detail photo for the post, thanks to Brittney Lee’s post on her work in Frozen I have this beauty


On to Nail Talk!!
My pinkie and thumb are the short sleeves, ruffles included. I used string tape to make the perfect line, and try out my first nail string tape, hurrah!!
On my index and middle finger I did the big, enormous skirt of the dress…enormous is a word, right? Oh well..
I tried to do some sort of “accent” on my ring finger, since it was a different base, and did the details from the top of Anna’s dress.
I really tried to do as many of the details exactly as they are in the real thing.

What do you think??


What I used:
–  Valmy “Regenerator” and “Hardening ” base coats
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear “Emerald City”
Valmy “Negro”
Nabi “Pastel L.Blue”
Sally Hansen “Ivy League”
– Valmy “Fortuna”
Valmy “Color 116”
– Lay-Pro “Color 100 1/2”
– Sally Hansen Extreme Wear “Marine Scene”
– LA Colors Color Craze “Hottie”
Lay-Pro “BES” and “Color 69” top coats

As always, here are some more pics of my nails




And here’s the close-up from Monday’s post


Thank you so much for reading me today….check out my nail art sketch and let me what you think I should do next.

I hope you have a great weekend!

Love and Smiles, Jessi


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