Elsa’s Winter Dress

Well hello everyone!

If you follow me on Instagram you might already know what I’m posting today…if you don’t, why not? you should go follow me, I post fun stuff ūüôā

Anyway…last Saturday I finally got to see Frozen, and I LOVED it!, even more than I thought I would..so for that reason for the next few weeks I have a Frozen Nail Art avalanche coming your way.

As requested by a comment on Instagram, my first mani was inspired by Elsa’s Frozen Queen Dress


If you do not know what Frozen is (how is that possible?) or if you don’t remember Elsa’s Dress, I have it here for you!!

Anna_Elsa_02 - copia

I’m only showing you Elsa, but this illustration is part of¬†Brittney Lee’s¬†work for the movie. I have followed her work for about two years and it is amazing to say “oh I know that lady that worked in Frozen” I mean I don’t know her, like actually know her, but you know what I mean.


And this one is one of the frozen wallpapers, is it just me or her eye shadow look Amazeballs!

Let’s begin Nail Talk by telling you what I did…

Breaking down the nails:
– I mixed some white and blue polish to create this baby blue color, and taking inspiration from the sleeves of the dress I recreated the squares and the thin line from the collar on my pinkie, and on my index finger I did the X and the rhombus from the upper part of her arms.
– On my ring finger I did my best to copy the snowflake from the movie, Elsa’s Snowflake, as I like to call it…it’s not perfect but I really, really like how it turned out. I used a blue and purple nail polish to resemble the sky as my base for the snowflake.
– In my middle finger I mixed glitter polishes as my way to represent the top of the dress.
– Last but not least, my thumb comes from Elsa’s hair, I kept looking at her hair and her snowflake pins when I saw the movie. Using a nude base as her hair and¬†the silver snowflake pin on top, with blue details and everything.

All the silver details were done with the same nail polish. I just bought Pure Ice polishes, they are amazing and worked perfectly for this mani.

I want to apologize if I’m writing too much, maybe it’s just me, the fact that I’m a graphic designer or my never-ending love for animation, but the details through out the movie on absolutely everything were just breath-taking. Afreakingmazing!!

What I used:
– ¬†Valmy “Regenerator” and “Hardening ” base coats
Sally Hansen¬†Xtreme Wear “Marine Scene”
Rimmel London¬†Lasting Finish “Marshmallow Heaven”
Lay-Pro¬†“Color 85”
Pure Ice “Silver Star”
–¬†Pure Ice¬†“Shell Pink”
Pure Ice¬†“Over You”
–¬†Valmy¬†Nail Art “Color 7”
–¬†Valmy¬†“Color 120”
–¬†Lay-Pro¬†“Color 69”
Lay-Pro “BES” and “Color 69” top coats

As always, here are some more pics of my nails






Here are a couple more of the snowflake in my ring finger, just because I really like how it turned out



Thank you so much for reading me today….check out my nail art sketch on Instagram and let me know what I should do next, I will try to do my next Frozen Mani on Wednesday.

I hope you have a great week!

Love and Smiles, Jessi


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