Matte Watermelons

Well hello everyone!

I hope you’re doing great. As promised, this week I come with something cheerful and fun! I’m not 100% proud of the final look but I’m fairly new at this so I feel OK about posting this blog today.


Don’t know about you but I have this thing where I NEED to try out new polishes in a proper nail design as soon as possible after buying them, so today I’m using my new NYX “Matte Chocolate”, apparently this are not new, discontinued according to the lady in the store, but it is new to me so….

Let’t Talk Nails!!

Today’s mani was inspired by my new notebook. I fell in love when I saw it in the store and now it’s on my nails.


What I used:
–  Valmy “Regenerator” and “Hardening ” base coats
Revlon Top Speed “Espresso”
NYX Matte “Matte Chocolate”
Sally Hansen Xtreme-wear “Green with Envy”
Sinful Colors “Hazard”
– LA Colors Color Craze “Meadow”
Valmy “Atrevida”
– Lay-Pro “Color 69”
Revlon “Matte Top Coat”

Breaking down the nails:
I decided not to go matte on all my nails, so for my index and pinky I used Revlon “Espresso”.
On the rest of my nails I used my new NYX  “Matte Chocolate” and I freehanded the watermelons on top. Since I am a top coat freak I could not leave my design without a top coat, thank goodness I have Revlon‘s “Matte Top Coat”, although, to tell you the truth..I like the matte (at least on the matte brown base) better originally than after applying the top coat.

As always, here are some more pics of my nails





Thank you so much for reading me today….I hope you have a great week!

Love and Smiles, Jessi


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