Hi everyone..

This week I’m not doing anything special or highly creative. If I’m honest I didn’t know if I should post this, but I only do my nails once a week and didn’t want to skip a week in my posts, so here it is.


I’m from Venezuela but I don’t live there anymore, and things are awful over there at the moment, to say the least.
So this week to felt a little helpless, knowing my friends and family are hiding out or out on the streets fighting for what’s right and needed. To support the cause in a way, I decided to recreate my country’s flag on my nails. Making my thumb and ring fingers accent nails. My ring finger is the flag and my thumb is a white base with three hearts (yellow, blue and red) and the word PAZ, which means PEACE.

That’s what my people are fighting and dying for right now and through my nails I wanted to make a stand and support everyone back home. Silly and useless I know, but at least it is something I can do to help spread the information about what’s going on over there.

If you’d like to know about what’s happening in my country you can check the hashtags on twitter or instagram:
#SOSVenezuela #PrayForVenezuela #ElQueSeCansaPierde #TensionEnVenezuela

Sorry for the long and almost depressing post. I will try to come up with something more cheerful for next week. Promise.

Here are some more photos of my nails.




What I used:
–  Valmy “Regenerator” and “Hardening ” base coats
– Lay-Pro “204”
– Sally Hansen “Blue it”
– Lay-Pro “76”
– Lay-Pro “85”
– Lay-Pro “BES” fast drying top coat

Thank you so much for reading me today. 

#PrayForVenezuela, Jessi


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