“Hello, February!” and you guys as well

For some reason I thought of Animaniacs…oh the good old times.

All right, I’m pretty sure I have never done proper valentine nails. So this February I will do two or maybe three Valentine Inspired Nails. Starting today.


In the hopes of doing something simple but still adding an accent nail, I decided to go with a Valentine-ish Tic-Tac-Toe. Browsing online I saw mostly Xs and Os but I wanted hearts and Xs.

What I used:
–  Valmy “Regenerator” base coat
LA Colors Color Craze “Hottie”
Lay-Pro “Color 85”
Valmy “Color 01”
Lay-Pro “Color 69” top coat

Breaking down the nails:
I mixed and matched coral, white and black as my base colors adding a heart on top.
On my ring finger I created my Tic-Tac-Toe base filling the slots with Hearts and Xs.
I left one empty slot at the bottom; half as a punch line and half because I didn’t know if I wanted the X or the Heart to win.
I did the hearts with a tooth pic. Something I’ve never done before. The Xs were also done with a tooth pic which was probably not a good idea, they ended up sort of messy.

Oh Well… Picture Time!!





Thank you so much for reading me today. If you get inspiration from my nail art and try it yourself, please tag me as #JessiiBrownie either on Twitter or Instagram. Until next time…

Love and smiles, Jessi

Remember guys.. if you leave comment on my blog and you don’t see the comment afterwards, let my know on my other social networks. There is some kind of problem with WordPress deleting everything without my permission saying that it is spam and I want to make sure that STOPS.


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