Minty Winter

Well Hello everyone!!!

I wish I lived somewhere where I could see snow…but since I don’t ..what better way to see snow that on my nails!


Let’s get down to Nail Talk already, shall we?

Breaking down the nails:
My main colors were mint and white, I just love the combination
I did snowy nails on my ring finger and thumb
Full glitter nail on my index finger
And half-moons or whatever the name is (I need to learn the proper terms) on my pinky and middle finger

What I used:
Valmy “Regenerator” and “Nail Hardening”. I love this two base coats, my nails are growing fast, strong and not breaking (as much)
LA Colors Color Craze “Meadow”
Valmy “Tiza”
Valmy “Color 120”
Lay Pro “Color 85”
Valmy “Color 69” top coat

Time for more pics!




Is the big picture too big?? I wanted to try it out because I think the small ones are too small..let me know in the comments

Thank you so much for reading me today. Until next time…

Love and smiles, Jessi


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