Well Hello everyone!!!

Feels good to be back writing a blog post…and like I mentioned last week I’m changing my posting day from Saturday to Sunday/Monday (depending on your time zone)

This week I did one of those want-to-do-this-on-my-nails-someday kinda of manis: TENNIS SHOES!
I’m not much of a sporty girl but I love me some comfy walkable shoes…that also  look cool.


Now this week I’m not doing my usual Breaking down the nails and What I used separately because I want to explain what I did carefully.
Let me start by crediting this image I found online a couple years back (yeap I’ve been wanting to do this for a while)

Now to the nails..

On my pinky I did a dark/dirty looking grayish shoe using a sponge to apply Valmy 29 over Santee Perfect Silver

 On my ring finger I did a mint shoe using two coats of LA Colors Color Craze Meadow

Now I had to do purple because that is my favorite color so on my middle finger I used Essie #4 Purple (this came with my Ralph Lauren 4 perfume)

For my index finger I used two coats of Valmy Amanecer and applied a coat of China Glaze Mosaic Madness on top. (excuse the awkard hand pose)instagram11

Last but not least my dream sneaker/tennis shoe, something sparkly yet not glittery. I used LA Colors Color Craze Whipped as my base color and applied two coats of Valmy 116 on both the sides leaving the nude color where the shoe laces go

All the fronts and laces of the shoes where done with Valmy Tiza

Here is the finish look in my left hand…I’m quite happy about it considering in left handed and I usually mess things up on my left hand

Before I forget, if you ever comment or reply to my blog posts and you don’t see the comment afterwards let my know on my facebook or twitter. There is some kind of problem with WordPress deleting everything without my permission saying that it is spam.

Thank you so much for reading me today. Until next time…

Love and smiles, Jessi


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