Well Hello everyone!!!

Like I promised…I’m back!

This week I took inspiration from my new polish: Revlon‘s Top Speed “Espresso”.
I looove coffee and when I saw this in the store I knew I had to buy it. But since I don’t drink Espresso, I had to make this mani a Latte… (badum-tss) Bad joke I know, but I couldn’t help myself.


Breaking down the nails:
For this mani I did a brown base color and used gold sequins on top to give a sparkle. Plus, I love brown and gold together. I used smaler sequins on my index and middle finger and a bigger sequin on my thumb, both hexagons.
For my “Latte” part of the mani I did an ombre/gradient (whatever-you-call-it) effect on my ring and pinky fingers.

What I used:
Valmy “Nail Hardener” and “Revitalizer” base coats
Revlon Top Speed “Espresso”
– Valmy “168”
LA Colors Color Craze “Whipped”
– Lay-Pro “69” top coat



Thank you so much for reading my today. Any comments or suggestions? Leave them in the comment box below. Until next time…

Love and smiles, Jessi


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