Christmas Day Nails

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

I did it!!! I did Christmas Nails!!

I don’t think I’ve ever done actual Christmas nails before. I usually try to match my nails to my Christmas dinner outfit and call it a day

Before I start talking about my nails I want to take a few lines to say:
I hope you had a great day with your friends and/or family…that even if you didn’t get any presents (like me) you could still feel happy and merry in this oh so happy happy day.

Now, without further ado…My Christmas Nails!!!


I’m going to show you guys my nails with close-ups. But, as I do with all my other posts I will tell you all about what I did with my nails first and then I will show you lots of pictures, well just a few.

Breaking down the nails:
I did a cute little snowman with a scarf and snow on the background
RING finger
An Hallaca…you might not know what this is, but that’s what I’m here for. Hallacas are a Christmas dish in my country made with corn flour and filled with veggies or meats or eggs and yucky stuff like prunes that I always leave out (depends on where in the country you are from) they are really really good and if you have seen my instagram you probably already saw the making, the final look, and the inside of an Hallaca
MIDDLE finger
A Christmas tree of course, I had to have on on my nails
INDEX finger
A purple present. Purple is my favorite color in the world so making something purple was a MUST
The jolly old fella Mr Claus!! I tried to make him as cute as possible and I really like how it turned out

What I used:
I will name them by brand, because I used about 15 nail polishes for this Christmassy manicure

Valmy “Revitalizer” base coat
Valmy “Amanecer”, “Tiza”, “32”, “Black”, “Fortuna”, “Atrevida”, “116”, “03”, “156” and “8”
Lay-Pro Deco-Art “Dorado”
Lay-Pro “76”
LA Colors “Whipped”
Sally Hansen “Mellow Yellow” and “Sun Kissed”
Essie “#4 Purple” (that came with a perfume)

Now for the close-ups





And for the full final look…


Thank you so so much for reading me today. Happy Holidays everyone!!!
Come back on Saturday for the final post of the Winter 2013 Nail challenge…and next Wednesday for my New Years mani!!

Until next time.

Love and smiles and lots of hugs, Jessi


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