Elie Saab inspired Nails

Well Hello there everyone!!

Christmas is just around the corner!! YAY!!
Sorry guys but I just had to say that 🙂

All right…so this week for my Winter 2013 Nails challenge I took inspiration from Elie Saab‘s Couture collection. As always I will begin the post with the photo of the dress.

ElieSaab (4)

GORGEOUS!!! Right?

Now, without any further ado I’ll tell you what I did and what I used for it.

Breaking down the nails:
I tried to keep it simple and elegant, just like the dress, so I used..
– A sparkly glittery silver to make two accent nails (index and middle)
– And on top of a nude base I made shapes with the glittery polish on top (the rest of my nails)

The dress doesn’t really have a specific pattern but I think from the distance it looks like branches, so that’s what I did

What I used:
Valmy “Revitalizer” and “Re-Hydrating” base coats
LA Colors Color Craze “Whipped” (I love this color btw)
Valmy “120”
Valmy “Clear Coat”

Now for the final look…





Thank you for reading me today. Hope you liked it, follow and come back for more sweet nail art.

Until next time.

Love and smiles, Jessi


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