Alice + Olivia nails

Well, Hello there!

I can’t believe there are only two weeks left before the end of the year and sadly, this challenge as well.
I’ve been thinking of making a couple of extra posts for Christmas and New Year but I’m not sure about it yet. What do you think? Should I make holiday nails?

This week my inspiration came from awesome designer Stacey Bendet aka ALICE+OLIVIA. I think her designs are so cool and chic and lovely and I wish I could buy them all.

As usual to get things started I’m going to show you the outfit chosen for this week’s Nail Art…

AliceOlivia (4)

Isn’t this A-freakin-mazing??

Now to Nail Talk. This week I tried to keep it simple but cool, or at least I think it is…you’ll be the judge.

Breaking down the nails:
– I took inspiration from the top and created three floral nails (thumb, index, middle)
– And for my other fingers (middle, pinky) I did dots and more dots, using red and white, on the hopes of recreating the bottom of this cool skirt

Just a heads up, my yellow flowers are not perfect. I’m in desperate need of a new orange polish, the one I have is super-duper thick and was not cooperating with me yesterday.

What I used for this mani:
Valmy “Re-hydrating Base Coat” and “Nail Hardener” as my base coats
Valmy “Negro” (black) as my base color for all my nails
Lay-Pro “85” (white)
Sally Hansen “Crushed”
Valmy “Fortuna”
Lay-Pro “204” (yellow)
Sally Hansen “Sun Kissed”
Valmy “Clear top coat” to finish of my nails

Now to the fun part….pictures of my nails!!!





Thank you so much for reading me today. For more sweet nail art, follow this blog and/or any other social network (links are on top to the right)

Until next time.

Love and smiles, Jessi


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