Beautiful Soul (London)

Well Hello There Everyone!!!

Today has come…my nails are done and it is time to post this week’s Winter Nails

I wanted to do something floral to follow after my Betsey Johnson nails from last week, you can check that post here
So for this week I decided to use this super cute Beautiful Soul London dress as inspiration

BeautifulSoulLondon (3)

Before I start talking about my nails I want to apologize in advance for the messiness in my pictures.
I’m trying to get used to taking pictures of my nails,  finding the right lighting and all, and it has been a nightmare.
I promise I’ll get better at this so you can have a better look at my manis.

All right. Let’s talk nails.
This week like I said before I took inspiration from a Beautiful Soul (London) dress and even though I have never heard of them before  I really wanted something floral for this week so that’s the main reason I picked this dress.
I know that you’ll think I need to work on my flowers…that is true. I’m also in need of a new brush because the one I’m currently using is just not working anymore which is why my flowers lack the “floweresk” look

Excuses aside, this is what I came up for this week’s nail art.



Breaking down the nails:
– Glitter acent nail on my pinky
– Black acent nail for my index finger
– Flowers and leafs for my middle finger and thumb
– And a big (huge, kind of awkward) flower for my ring finger

What I used:
Valmy “Re-hydrating Base Coat”
Valmy “29”(black)
China Glaze “Mozaic Madness” (glitter)
Franchell “42” (light blue)
Valmy “Amanecer” (blue)
Sally Hansen “Blue It” (blue)
Valmy “Fortuna” (green)
Valmy “Top Coat”

Before I say goodbye I want to ask you guys what you think of my posts. Are they too long? Am I babbling too much? Let me know in the comments. Remember you can follow this blog and follow me in my other social networks.

Well, that’s all for today. Hope you enjoyed it and keep on coming to read my blog.

Until next time.

Love and smiles, Jessi.


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