Betsey Jonhson

Well Hellooo theeereee everyone!!!

My gosh it’s only been a week but if feels like forever…I should make time and post often…maybe?? What do you think?

Today beautiful people I bring you: Betsey Johnson Nails
Like you might know by now (or not) I am doing Winter 2013 Fashion Inspired Nails….and this is Betsey’s week.
I’m a fan of this cray-cray woman because she is awesome, although I don’t think I could ever wear half the stuff she makes. I’m not brave enough (buu).

Here is the gorgeous outfit that inspired me this week:

BetseyJohnson (1)

When I see something like this I say OMG AWESOME!! But then I think well..I could never wear it. First I can’t afford it but even if I could this is way to loud for my super shy personality.

Now to the nails.

This babies did not turn out amazing as I imagined BUT they’re not a complete fail. They are just not  as Betsey. Either way I’m not gonna go on about why I could not do what I wanted to with my nails because you might not care; so I’m gonna jump right to the pictures so I can explain what I did do to them.



There you have it my (almost) Betsey Johnson inspired nails!!!

Breaking down the nails:
I’ve been wanting to do a “Nimbus” nail art since TheNailsaurus  made the tutorial, and this dress was the perfect of opportunity sooo
-I used the nimbus technique for three of my nails
– And I did a couple solids as my “accent” nails

Actually I did ALL my nails with the colorful technique but then I had second thoughts, removed two nails, and applied yellow and coral

What I used for this mani:
Valmy “Re-hydrating Base Coat”
Lay-Pro “85” (white)
Revlon “Eclectic”
Sally Hansen “Mellow Yellow”
Sally Hansen “Green with Envy”
Sally Hansen “Blue it”
Sally Hansen “Coral Reef”

Thank you for reading me today. You are great! Hope you liked it.

Read you next time.

Love and smiles, Jessi


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