Juicy Couture Nails!!

Well hello there people of the bloggosphere!!

We are now on Week 2 of my Winter 2013 Fashion Inspired Nail Art Challenge!!! Wow that’s a long name…

Here’s a little summary of this challenge for those of you new to my blog.
Winter 2013 Nails is a “challenge” I created. Using  Vogue.co.uk I picked my favorite designs/designer from the Autumn/Winter 2013/14 collection (Couture and Ready-to-wear).
This challenge started last week and will go on until the end of the year.

Last week I did East-London Nails, and you can read that post if you click here.

This week I bring you Juicy Couture Nails!!! The beautiful outfit that inspired this mani is….

JuicyCouture (6)

I fell in love with this jacket as soon as I saw it. And here’s what I did with my nails!!!




I did the black and white stripes with a little help from my clear tape, it was a bit messy because I used white as my base and when I removed the tape some pieces of the white paint sort of peeled  of.

I did flowers and dots as I saw them on the jacket. If I tell you a little secret I sketched these nails with a white diagonal color block to resemble the jacket a bit more but it felt wrong to go that literal. The colors used for the flowers are the same colors I see on the jacket, the pictures don’t have that much resolution so I’m not sure if they are a specific type of flower, anyway.

My thumb is just black, partly to resemble the skirt and partly a way to give the nails some air. I think creating a different design for all five nails would be a little too much for this particular  mani.

Now, to the fun part….

Breaking down the nails:
– Black and White stripes on my index and pinky
– Flowers and dots over a black base on my middle and ring fingers
– Black for my thumb

For this mani I used:
Valmy “Negro 29”
Lay-Pro “85” (white)
–  Lay-Pro “204” (yellow)
–  Lay-Pro “76” (red)
Sally Hansen “Blue It”
LA Colors “Meadow”
– Clear Tape
– Toothpick
– Art brush

I don’t think I’ve said before but I ALWAYS use base coats before applying any color, that way I can protect my nails for all the craziness that’s coming for them. This time I used Valmy’s “Caviar extract REVITALIZER” and “Máxima Acción Nail Hardener” and I used Lay-Pro’s “69” as my clear top coat.

Thank you readers of my blog for well, reading it. I hope you liked this week’s post. For more nails follow me on my social networks.

Read you next time!

Love and smiles, Jessi


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