East London Nails

Well Hello there again!

I am so happy you are reading this right now because you are in for a treat!!
If you don’t now yet, this year I am doing “Winter 2013 Fashion Inspired Nail Art

Let me star by saying that if I owned nail stamps this would have been so much better!
This week I took my inspiration from EAST LONDON Ready-To-Wear collection. If you check my instagram or tumblr account you will see I was torn between a color blocked outfit and this funky dress. I don’t think I’d be brave enough to wear it but I saw what I wanted my nails to look like the moment I saw it.

This is I came up with….ta-daaaa!!!


Breaking down the nails I did:
– Halfmoon to simulate the bottom of the dress
– The pattern on my middle finger is intended to represent the top of the dress, I can imagine that with nail stamps this could look so much better but the lines don’t look so bad
– Flowers I took from the necklace or collar, I’m not sure what that is

For this mani I used:
– Valmy “Tiza”
– Santee “Perfect Silver”
– LA COLORS “Hottie”
– Valmy clear top coat

Stripes and flowers were done by hand with very thin paint brush and the halfmoon is kinda messy I did the circle with clear tape and pasted it on my nail after the white coat dried, it got ruined a bit when I took it off but thankfully top coat fixed the problem

For more nails follow me on tumblr and instagram.

Read you next time!

Love and smiles, Jessi


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