WINTER 13/14 Fashion Inspired Nail Art

Hi ya’ll!!!!

For those of you that are reading this and have never seen my instagram or twitter JessiiBrownie accounts I have being preparing myself for a challenge. If any other nail artists out there want to do this as well, please tag me to your pics so I can see them.

Since I can’t afford designer clothes I will make my own version of my favorite Winter 2013 designs on my nails. Weird perhaps, but so far it has been super fun.

I’m not much of a fashionista, mainly due to my shopping budget, but I started wondering what the trends were for this season (even though I have no seasons where I live) and browsing I saw the “Autumn/Winter 2013/2014” collections. It’s a bit estrange for me seeing so much florals and mint in them, plus I was a bit worried mint was not going to last but it has, yay!! I’m quite the fan of mint and coral tone right now.

I shortlisted my favorite designs and designers out of the collections (both couture  and ready-to-wear) and this is what I ended up with:

Since I do my nails once a week, sometimes Fridays or Saturdays, I created a schedule for the next 8 weeks, that is from today (make that yesterday) until December 27 or 28.
A couple of the designers listed here had to be cut to fit those eight weeks but I kept my favorite pieces. I’ll try to come up with cool really pretty ways to translate wearable fashion into nail art.

I will be posting my first mani in a few minutes. I hope you’ll like my work.

Read you again very soon.

Love and smiles, Jessi


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