Almost fall

Well hello there!!

OMG this is the second to last post of smash-up pics!! It has taking me longer than I had anticipated but I finally have some time, actual, real, no-one is distracting me time. And here I show you….the picture:



NUMBER 1 – Tribal Print
I’ve wanted to do tribal for a while, this trend is so difficult but most of the designs I’ve seen online are amazing. My mani came true a day before my trip to Mexico.
I used nail polish for all the colors and a black sharpie pen for the lines. I tried nail polish and a thin brush…did not work.
The patterns are my own. I doodled on a piece of paper until I came up with each nail.

NUMBER 2 – Owl Nails
I always liked owls, they are such beautiful creatures. And ever since Harry Potter books came into my life at the age of 10 I have loved them even more. YES! I’m a potterhead, and PROUD!
Regardless, this mani is only for the owl. I saw a tutorial on how to make one and I did this the very next day, plus it was the begining of fall and it just seemed appropriate.
For this mani I used:
– My new (and only) ESSIE nail polish (no name on the polish ’cause it came with a perfume…can you guess it??)
– Valmy color number 166
– Valmy color number 168
– Valmy color number 50, this one actually has a name: Tiza (that is spanish for chalk)
– LA COLORS Color Craze Whiped
– And last but not least, a sparkly golden color from Lay-Pro Deco-Art edition

NUMBER 3- Think Pink
It is, or more like was, October. And for the 19th (day of Breast Cancer Awareness) I wanted to do something and share it with the world.
I used this mani to practice stripes and try zig-zag (not very good at it manually), also did hearts at the ends of a couple of nails and of course the ribbon
I don’t remember the nail polishes I used, sorry about that. And the pic for some reason is very very yellow.

NUMBER 4 – Almost Fall
This is such a sad mani. I wanted to do something FALL, I have no real seasons throughout the year where I live, but I still wanted to do something seasonal.
A lot happened and I couldn’t complete this mani. I did all the bases using fall related tones and the end result was supposed to have outlined leafs, sadly I didn’t finish and after a couple of days they were chipped so there was really no point in finishing them (sad face)
None the less, I like that the leaf effect I created on my ring finger and thumb looks good. Next year I’ll do it right

That’s it for now. I’ll try to do my very last post in a couple hours maybe less. Check on the menu for other places you can find my nails.

Read you next time!

Love and smiles, Jessi


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