Getting closer

Well Hello there everyone!!

We’re getting closer to the finish line with these smash-up pics…
Today’s picture is….(ta-daaaa!!!)


I absolutely ADORE today’s nails!! Even though top coat messed with the final-final result I still LOVE them. Ok down to business…

NUMBER 1 – Purple Roses
This one here is my 2nd try at making roses on my nails and there’s not much to it, just a purple polish in most of my nails and the cute  roses on my ring finger and thumb.
I added a few dots of blue and purple between roses to make it nicer, I thought the roses alone made it look…kinda.. empty

I’m not one of those hard-core Alice fans, but I still like myself some wonderland. I write and I think of Alice in wonderland the animated and Burton’s movie and the new Once Upon A Time in Wonderland show, at the same time.
This mani was a spread of the moment kind of mani, because I didn’t know what to do on my nail some weekend, and flipping channels I ran into Disney that had Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie on, so I thought: “Hey, why not do Alice in Wonderland nail” so I did.
Breaking the  mani appart, from pinky to thumb, we have:
– Alice
– Mad Hatter
– Red Queen
– Cheshire cat
– The white rabbit
I wanted to do the cute mice instead of the read queen, but I couldn’t leave her out or she would have been OFF WITH MY HEAD!

NUMBER 3 – Cherry Blossom Love
Cherry blossom trees are super adorable and I really like what they look like on nails.
I went with the trees on my thumb and ring finger and I wanted to practice more stripes so I did a couple in my middle and pinky. I also decided to practice making hearts, they don’t look so good, but it’s just one nail.

Sweets, candy, treats, whatever you call it. I like myself some candy..especially brownies and ice cream.
In case someone doesn’t recognize them, they are (from pinky to thumb)
– Doughnuts
– Ice cream (in a cone)
– Cookies / Brownies or a mix of both|
– Cupcakes
– Coffee
Now, coffee makes the cut because I really really (like a true Gilmore Girl but not at their level) like coffee. Not a fan of 
espresso  my coffee usually has milk and sugar, I want (someday) to get one of those k-cup machines, the ones for lattes and those sorts of blends. Just think it about it I crave coffee…so good 🙂

Alright, that will be all for now. For newer photos please check my social networks. I’m doing something I called “Winter 13/14 Fashion Nails” and later on today, tomorrow at latest, I will be posting the first dress, I mean, manicure

Read you next time!!

Love and smiles, Jessi


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