Smash-Up Pic 3!!!

Well Hello there!!
I just love saying that xD

Today I’m sharing Smash-Up #3!! Oh yeah!!
I think I’m almost half-way done…just about 3 or 4 more smash-ups until I’m up to date with my manis in all my networks.

Without further is today’s picture!!


Alrighty so today we have:

I remember re-doing this a couple times because the cupcakes didn’t come out the way I wanted to so I had to make them again..and again. Not all, but just like the first one to decide on the shape, and then when I knew what I wanted them to look at I picked the colors and did me some cupcakes!!
They’re all hand-painted and the dots I made with a pencil or a dry pen, sorry but I don’t remember exactly which one it is.
My ring finger and thumb are the same colors because purple is my favorite color in the whole world, so I had to do two purple cupcakes, hehe.

NUMBER 2 – Dots and stripes
Most of what I’ve done so far are my first attempts (and fails) on nail decorating. But somehow I don’t think is too bad to show them, because (and let me know if I’m the only one who feels this way), sometimes I see such amazingly done nail blogs and there are no pictures of their first attempts or the way they used to do their manis, so either they were born with mad skills or they will never let me know what they started with. I post this first attempts not only to see my pictures later on when I have mad skills, but to let you guys know that you are not the only ones with struggles and it’s ok to hate what your nails look like sometimes and not lose hope that someday you will be one of those with mad nail art skills (smiley face)
This mani are basically just stripes and dots using just white and blue. I think I hated it so much I took it off the following day. But I’ve tried to practice more, specially  the stripes so I can eventually make them perfect!

This babies were sort of inspired by this beautiful top I bought to wear on my birthday it has a lot of  ruffles and a floral pattern, and I just had to match my nails with it that day.
Also, I bought this Santee minty color, which it turned out to be more white than mint, but I used it anyway. The same week I purchased a few glitters, and used these cute golden squares.
With this mani I did a bit of a tribal print in my middle finger, some dots in my ring finger and some stripes.
PLUS this was my first attempt at making roses and I only did four (three on my ring finger and one in my index finger), just to see if I could make them or not. Not to shabby right? or not? Let me know in the comments.

NUMBER 4 – Nail Strips
I think I’ve said this a lot in the last posts but I don’t exactly remember why I chose this palette. My uncle gave this cool nail strips and I wanted ti try one out (it’s the one in my ring finger).
I only used one, because I didn’t know if they were delicate or if the glue was sucky or how long they took to fall of, with this strips…a day. Maybe if I hadn’t done dishes or washed clothes it would have stayed put a couple more days. I also used some hex golden glitter
Well, that is it for now. I’ll try to upload a new post by tonight

Read you next time!

Love and smiles, Jessi


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