Smash-Up Pic 2!!

Well Hello There People of the internet!!

How are you today?? Hope your doing great…
Let’s jump into business right away…today we’re having (drum roll!!)… SMASH-UP PIC 2!!!
Like I said before…This first few posts in my blog are going to be a bit of a review in detail..or more like “detail” of the manis I have posted on my tumblr and instagram accounts (jessiibrownie in both) so I can have all my manis in all my nail networks ’cause I’m a little crazy like that..


All right..moving on to the photo

NUMBER 1 – Monsters U inspired nails
This babies happened when I went to see Monsters University this summer. I know, I know, colors are wacky but I wanted to try my new hair-like nail stuff (don’t know the name, if you do tell me please) I think is something like angel wings or something.
Any way the “angel thing” is on my ring finger and since they are orange I did based my palette on that. I hand painted the stripes.

For this mani I used:
– Santee: Perfect Silver
– Sally Hansen: Sun Kissed

NUMBER 2 – Golden sparkle
This one is super random.
I painted my nails with just one color (Valmy’s Color 16) and when I was at my aunt’s house i took a glittery nail polish and applied a coat of thumb and ring finger.

I mean it’s TOY STORY (I’m a childish geek, just FYI) and I LOVE Pixar!! And Toy Story (the whole trilogy) is one of my favorite movies eveeer!! Maybe being a graphic designer has something to do with my love for animated film and Pixar has a way of doing A-freaking-mazing things that are just AMAZING.
Ok, back to my nails.
This is my first of many Toy Story nails. In case it’s not obvious they’re inspired by Buzz Lightyear!!

My thumb was supposed to be Buzz’s colors: Green, White and Purple, but for some reason I mixed them up and used blue instead of green. I like the color combo so much I didn’t noticed the mix-up until it was too late.
In my middle finger I didn’t want an exact look of the buttons on Buzz’s suit so I did vertical stripes instead using (the right) colors, hehe.
My ring finger is of course the space ship!!! It is not perfect I know but I don’t have the practice or the tools to create a perfect hand-made space ship, what do you think??
At last, my index and pinky fingers are just purple and green, I didn’t want to over do it.

NUMBER 4 – Stolen Pink
This was a bit of a surprise mani. I go to my grandma’s most sundays and my aunt that lives with her had this LA Colors neon pink that I just HAD to use, soo..I took of whatever I had on my nails OFF and did a new mani in like 15 minutes.
I also took a glittery nail polish Ken Colors (if I’m not wrong) and applied it on my middle and ring fingers.

Well, this was rather quick. Last post took me longer to write. I promise with my newer manis I will do a better job explaing what I’ve done.
I hope you guys have a great day…

Read you next time!!

Love and smiles, Jessi


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