First Smash Up Pic

Well hello there pleople of the internet!

As promised I’m here to post (drum-roll)….my FIRST SMASH-UP PHOTO!!


As you can see..I separated with numbers so it’ll be easier to explain. OK, here I go…

I really really really reaaally love Gir!! Back in the day I watched a lot of Invader Zim episodes…truly creepy but A-freaking-mazing!! For those of you who don’t know the show…Invader Zim is about an alien (Zim) from the Irken Empire who’s sent by “The Almighty Tallest” (rulers of the Empire ’cause of their height) out of his home planet and off to a misterty planet named Earth so he can well…dominate it…with the help of his only extraterrestrial companion a robot named GIR

Now GIR is a robot The Tallest made out of garbage..and is well..CRAZY…instead of being an evil robot..he is the CUTEST (bipolar) creature EVEEER!! He loves tacos and pigs and cupcakes and watching TV and you just have to watch an episode of two to fall for him Back to nail talk (sorry I really love Gir) I don’t remember exactly when I did these nails..or the nail polishes I used. It was long ago and I never tought of blogging about them so…booo… I did three finger with Gir faves: Taco, Pig and Cupcake!! And the other two with Gir…now I forgot to mention Gir wears as a dog costume on Earth so people think he’s Zim’s pet (CUTE!!). So for my nails I did one with robot Gir and the other one with dog Gir

I hope this one is self-explanatory but just in case Garfield started as a comic strip back in the 70’s but I knew him thanks to Cartoon Network (CN for youngsters) and I just LOVE HIM…he is lazy, and watches TV all day and loves lasagna and sleeping also he hates mondays…and well is hard to hate him. Garfield lives with his owner Jon Arbuckle and his other pet a (super cute) dog named Odie. Fun fact, I’ve tought of doing Odie nails for a while…maybe next year I can finally make them happen.. My nails here are quite simple: Garfield’s face…his love for sleeping (I remember being tired that day), his stripes, a plain orange nail and random hearts.

NUMBER 3 – Polka Dots
I think this was early 2013…I wanted to do polka dots for the first time., and I just did one nail…which was a good call, ’cause I didn’t really like the result. I also did a statement nail with silver glitter nail polish and the rest of my fingers with a pretty fuchsia.

Who doesn’t love Jack! Am I right? Am I right? To be honest I don’t really like the result of this, but manual nail art is not easy people…buut…I remember when I did this people just loved them…’cause it’s Jack Skellington. Pretty basic coloring just black and white…or rather white and black. With some of my fave Jack faces: Mean, Angry, Sleeping, Suspicious and Happy. Weeell….that’s it for today. I think I went a little crazy with my Gir loving explaining but what am I gonna do if I really really love him.

Read you next time!! Love and smiles, Jessi.


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